You are miracle workers

We invite you to openness today, into acceptance. You know what openness and acceptance feel like. You know what their seeming absence feels like. We thank you for paying attention to your feelings. We thank you for the effort to return Home whenever you realize you have substituted something else for your awareness of Home–for the awareness of the Love we all are.

We invite you into the space of allowing all that seems to be, and all that truly Is. All that seems to be is only a dream you are clinging to because you are afraid you have done wrong. You are afraid you have separated from your creator, and you shrink from your creator because you fear punishment. Punishment is part of the dream. Your creator knows nothing of punishment. Is is safe to return Home, and you are always welcome there. When you keep your awareness there, the loving energy of Home is what you share with all of your divine siblings.

It matters not the form the dream takes. Whatever form the dream takes cannot change what Is, what always has been, what always will be. As you remember this, you allow the dream to change form. It no longer reflects the torments that you believe await you. This is the only hell there is. Hell is dreaming of hellish events because you think you have done wrong. You have never done wrong, and neither has anyone else, ever. You have been dreaming one hell of a dream, though. See the difference?

Just as you are not truly capable of judgment, you are also not capable of wrongdoing. That option has never been available to you. You have had the option to dream an experience of judgment and wrongdoing, however. You are now being invited out of the dream.

Right after spiritual awakening experiences, I had these visions. They seemed so real and also so like delusion. There were people in a boat urging me to get in, but I was afraid to leave my family. There were people around my bed in a hospital where I was in a coma, urging me to wake up, but I was afraid to leave my family. I was afraid to leave illusion. Still am, but this seems to be getting easier.

Yes, we give you a gentle way out of the dream. You get to dream yourself out of it. We won’t wrench you out of any scenario. We simply guide you toward seeing more and more reflections of the joy you are until that is all you see and experience. A Course in Miracles calls this “the happy dream.” You only have to be willing to be guided and to dream a happy dream. After that is when the dream comes to an end and you release illusion entirely.

When you calm down from your anguish, the feverish dreaming, the projections outward that seem to take so many frightening forms, will cease. When you remember that you are returning Home, that you have never done anything wrong, and that you are very welcome, you relax. You become joyful. The world seems to do that along with you.

The miracles come. Miracles are changes in perception, and they come through you involuntarily. You don’t have to plan or control them. You are simply willing to be a conduit for them. You are a miracle worker. So is everyone else. Think of the joy that arises as you and your divine siblings realize your true functions as miracle workers, as you allow the vast power you all are to express itself in loving and transformative ways in your world. The Happy Dream comes by way of miracles. and you all perform them. This is how illusion ends–happily, in recognition of who you all are. As you release illusion, you return to Heaven.

Heaven is where you have always been. It’s where you are now, asleep and dreaming a dream of hell and conflict. It is where we have been watching over you as you sleep. Thank you for allowing us to reach you in the dream. Thank you for allowing us to guide you out. Thank you for allowing us to assist you in the effortless performing of miracles, in the sharing of that ability with all of your divine siblings.

We remind that you that everything disturbing you that you appear to see on the outside is a projection of consciousness that is an attempt to hide from what you think you have done wrong. Ego’s logic is this: If you see someone else doing wrong, you don’t have to face the terror of your own wrongdoing. Better to stay in a dream of the wrongdoing of others. You are responsible for all of this in a very good way. If you are responsible for all of this, you can bring healing to all of it.

Sisters and brothers, the forgiven and loved, we delight in assisting you today in performing the miracles–the aids to perception shift–that will enable all to realize how truly loved and cherished they are.

Photo by cyrus gomez on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “You are miracle workers

  1. I remember back in 1990 I awoke from a dream of lying in a bed and heard “It’s time to come home”. And now over 25 years later still hiking (kicking and screaming) / sometimes flowing home. Lol…

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