The unwinding

All is mind.

Think of that for a moment. All experience is generated by mind, and there is only the one mind. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? What’s more amazing to us is that you can be so distracted by the experiences you’re generating that you forget the essential truth of you and all others. Kind of stops blame in its tracks, doesn’t it?

When tension comes up for you in any form today, we ask that you regard it as a gift. Take a moment to see a gift wrapped package, and then take another few moments to work with us. If you don’t relate this tension to anything phenomenal, you can allow it to melt, thereby improving functioning. When you improve functioning and clarity for yourself, you automatically improve it for others because of what you’re contributing to shared mind. Allowing tension to melt means taking the whole of the shared mind on a journey to remembrance–remembrance of what is and what isn’t.

The biggest challenge here it not to relate the tension that arises to anything phenomenal. The habit is deeply ingrained, but this is the perfect time for its unwinding, so celebrate that. Celebrate your participation in the unwinding of it.

For example, you feel irritated, and you are accustomed to associating that irritation with something specific, attached to someone specific. What if that were not true? What if that were a habit to which you’ve been clinging in order to keep yourself in the dark because you feared the Whole of you, that which seemed other and more powerful? Now that you know you are that power and there is no need to fear it, do look at this habit of associating the feeling of disturbance with the phenomenal.  It is time to let it unwind and disappear now.

When you feel stress, you’re experiencing conflicting perceptions. You’re getting a front row seat to the attachment to duality, to ego. Look on as a fascinated observer. Know we are there with you, and allow our assistance in adjusting your perception so you always know how supported you are, how peaceful underneath the false surface which has distracted you from all that You are. It’s all about perception, not about the thing that seems to be stressing you. The effect of unwinding this habit of perception is far-reaching and amazing. If you were to view it energetically, you would see a stunning light show. Your Earth is a stunning light show right now because of all the perception correction you are allowing collectively.

Remember this when you receive the gift of observing resistance today: Resistance of any kind is always resistance to the awareness of love’s ever-presence. It’s always the same thing, just repeated in different forms. It’s truly not about the people, and it’s not about the situations. It seems that way. We grant you that it certainly seems that way, but remember the vast stage drama you are enacting. If particular people seem to be associated with your stress, bow to them right now. Recognize them as the angels they are. How could you unwind this habit without their help–the simplicity of showing up to give you the opportunity to see again what you have chosen to attach to?

This is not about fault. This is about responsibility, and responsibility is power. You might as well accept your power now because it’s who you are. There’s no escaping it, and that’s all egos attempt to do. Can you see this? All that ego attempts to do–it’s always been futile. Now enjoy the ease of acceptance. There is no other way to go. Just Here. Is. Now. Acceptance of True Self.

What happens or how conditions appear–all  much less important than you think. Instead of judging the quality of what you think you’re seeing and experiencing, remember that it’s all a gift, and it’s all perfectly placed for you. It couldn’t possibly be any better, and you will begin to appreciate this quality of your experiences. They couldn’t possibly be set up any better for your total healing and remembrance now. This is the one quality that all experiences–be they labeled positive or negative–have in common.

You focus a lot on what is happening. Then you judge it, and then you feel emotions. How you feel is far more important than anything else. Every condition and experience that comes to you is a means for your to find your alignment with what you are and to stay there. It serves no other purpose. This is true of all others, so while they don’t need your pity, which is what you aren’t, you all have equal access to compassion, which is what you are.

Compassion is something you access. It’s not something you enact because you’re good enough. One perspective is a simple recognition of what you are. The other is fueled by anxiety and the idea of separation. This idea of separation is something that you as a collective are releasing. Trust that everything that is occurring is serving this collective release now.

Today, we encourage you to find the genuine thank you for every opportunity to release and to stand clear in the awareness of who you and all others are. You are all compassion itself. You are all love itself. Not a single one of you can be compassion and love without the other–any other–being exactly the same. This is a wonderful time on your Earth as you all come into remembrance together, so remember the thank you for every step of the journey.

Photo by Terra Evans on Unsplash

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