Witness the Withness

We are here to help you with an addiction. We are Mind, as One, although we appear to be approaching you from beyond yourself with help. The place from where we approach is your true dwelling place, where you have been resting in peace eternally, as we do. The place where you believe yourself to be is a dream landscape, a dreamed-up distance from where you actually Are. In Truth, there is only Here, only Now, but this frightens you. You have become addicted to this sense of otherness that the human character provides, and we are here to help you release it.

We invite you to Withness. Every moment is an opportunity to sink beneath surface activity, to witness the Withness. No matter what others you seem to be with, no matter what others you seem to think of, you are always truly With them, one eternally. No matter what seems to be happening in the dream of selves as separate, you can always go to the awareness that you are truly One and always have been. From this resting place come clear, calm and obvious directives for your character that are a joy to follow.

One distraction from abiding in this Withness is the set of beliefs centering around what you must get for your character and what your character must avoid. We invite you to notice thoughts of this nature, to allow them to sit in the light, and to use the perception of time for the purpose of allowing these limiting beliefs to dissolve in the light that all Are.

We are here to help you with your addiction to the thought that the efforts of separate others have real effects. When you are watching this drama and believing it to be real, there is much emphasis placed on actions and efforts. We invite you to place all of this emphasis on thinking, and thinking alone. Look at this deep relaxation we offer you. You don’t have to worry about what to do. You don’t have to make decisions about what to do. The deciding can be done for you, and the doing can be done through you. You take care of allowing false thinking to dissolve, and the rest takes care of itself.

As long as you are in the grip of this addiction to thoughts of individual effort, you are in the grip of the experience of duality. Duality zooms you back and forth between perceptions of opposites. Participating in this conceptual framework of duality, your job seems to be judging and labeling everything you encounter, and then struggling to get or avoid as egoic thoughts instruct. This is no life at all. This is, to be direct, hell. Fortunately, hell is fictional and can never be real. We are here to lead you gently out of your perception of hell and back into Reality, and this begins with your thinking.

Believing that the efforts of separate others are more important than the thoughts you think, you remain in the experience of back and forth teeter-tottering between opposites. One of the ego’s most effective tricks is to convince you that one of the opposites is more desirable than another, and that you should scramble toward the desirable and away from the undesirable. Let’s take peace and war. If you value peace over war, you treat both as if they are real. No set of opposites is real. The only Reality is good without opposite, or Love. Any positive opposite that offsets a negative is unreal, and scrambling toward it keeps you in the invented experience of hell.

We escort you past the perception of opposites to the Stillness we Are, to the dwelling place you have never left while you are dreaming of impossibilities. As you are escorted from the perception of the impossible back to the Reality of abiding peace, you will experience a flow of miracles, happenings that defy all assumptions about how time and space work, happenings that shouldn’t be possible based on your perception of a past and your perception of your self as separate. We invite you to begin to regard these happenings as more natural than the happenings that make sense according to the logic of your world.

We ask that you allow and embrace this flow of Miracles. They will help you release your belief in a logic that was always without foundation. Miracles help you to abandon a thought system that keeps you in the experience of hell, delivering you back to what is eternal.  It is obvious that miracles are not the result of human effort, so allowing these happenings and mind shifts loosens you from the belief that humans do anything at all.

We’ll take this slowly. You have a perception of humans, and you have a perception of doing, but does that mean that the humans and the doing are real? It does not. We are here to usher you out of the dream, back to the Real, where you have always been safe and cherished.

Allow your thoughts to change, and you allow miracles of healing for all. We thank you for your willingness to release what isn’t, what never has been, and we celebrate your willingness to return to the awareness of eternal Love.

Photo by Rene Böhmer on Unsplash

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