Coming out of hiding

The greatest gift you could give to anyone would be to allow a stressful perception to change today. You are accustomed to seeing gifts as that which you add to another by giving. True giving is observing what is already there, what has always been there. Stopping and asking to see who someone truly is–that is the greatest gift, and in the giving of it you are receiving it. Once you allow yourself to remember who all your fellow beings are, you are able to remember your Self.

You don’t have to invent a replacement thought for a stressful thought. When you allow the stressful thought to leave, what is already there, what has always been there, becomes apparent. The whole process of waking up is simply allowing what is obvious and natural when you are not busy hiding from it. Any feeling of stress means that you are hiding from what is Real in some way. Respond to stress by finding your willingness to see the Real.  This is you coming out of hiding.

When you are willing to acknowledge what is Real, stressful thought has no practical use for you. Stressful thought is only useful for you when you busy yourself hiding the true identity of all. Underneath the stressful thought, what is obvious and natural is always shining there. Your job is to become willing to look upon the obvious and natural without fear.

There is a trick that ego uses over and over again: Ego will convince you of some urgency, and you will carry out an action and be very occupied by all of your thinking about it. You will succumb to the misapprehension that you are controlling the situation you are in. As you allow ego’s thoughts to fade, you begin to realize that this sense of control was fictional and has no value. As the realization that separate-self control has no value sets in, you will allow the divine flow to carry you.

If you get caught up in some mission concocted by ego, there is no loss. When you are carrying out action at ego’s suggestion, you have the opportunity to notice every blip of stressful thought along the way. You have the opportunity to pause and go within. Seeing through ego is inevitable, and you have the opportunity to do so every moment of every day.

We are always here, shining in the obvious and the natural. As we shine, we help you look past what doesn’t feel good to the remedy for all distorted perception.

Photo by Fanny Gustafsson on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Coming out of hiding

  1. As Always, Brilliant! Thank You, Julie and Your Team, for ‘Wiping the Windows Clean’ so that We can Arrive Into Our Ease of Being.

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