Practice 28 – Home shines into my thoughts

Today we focus upon the availability of inspired thought. Inspired thought washes away false thought. False thought leads you to conflict, struggle and pain. As you invite inspired thought to wash away conflicted thought, you release your attachment to pain.

The energy of Home is available to you anytime you stop and focus upon it. Eventually, you won’t have to stop and focus, but since you are still looking to fear as a guide, the stopping and focusing is still necessary. It is temporary, and it will pass away.

Thought is the basis of all your actions and experiences. When you invite inspired thought, you embrace the flow that carries you to peace.

Begin a three-minute meditation with:
Home shines into my thoughts

Think of yourself sinking into a bed of light. This is your firm foundation, and it is available to you at all times. This is the birthplace of inspired thought–that which will carry you through your day, through all situations.

If you feel distracted, repeat to yourself:
Home shines into my thoughts

As you spend focused time here, you invite yourself to act from the Truth of yourself today.

Whenever you feel disturbed today, stop and remind yourself:
Home shines into my thoughts

Allow yourself to relax into what is always there for you, and proceed in the knowledge that you are always supported.

For further reading, see Light the beacon

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