Full awareness of unity

Unity is trust.  You are unified with All That Is, and that can never be changed, no matter what you are enacting on the surface. You can trust the Love that All Is, beyond everything else that seems to appear. You are accustomed to relying on logic. We can work with that. We can work with any false beliefs to which you are attached, because sooner or later you will notice that your attachment to the false is painful.

Your attachment to the false, to the logic of this world, to physical cause and effect, leaves you as a character in a vulnerable position, instead of as the immensity you are. You play weak when you’ve always been strong. You see other characters as weakened and vulnerable when they are and always have been nothing but strength.

If there is a limitation that seems to affect one you look upon, better you know that the limitation is unreal and the being you seem to look upon is and always has been unlimited. This is about standing up and allowing the shackles to fall off. This is about realizing that no one around you is shackled. Every being is power itself. They reflect your Self back to you. When you see them as other than what they truly are, you see through the lens of lies.

The creator, the creation, is what unites us all. You were created as an extension of Love, and you are unified with all beings. This undermines the concept of autonomy. You have never had autonomy. You have had a fantasy of an autonomy that has never been possible. If you believe you are autonomous, then your switch is toggled over to fantasy setting. You believe you are a character, and that character takes its marching orders from ego. Taking marching orders is not autonomy. It’s not freedom.  The marching orders tell you that you are a separate one, and you are in charge.

All fear that arises in this fantasy of being an autonomous character is about the resistance to returning Home. If you have successfully shown up as a weak and vulnerable character who must die, you must have broken creation. If you have broken creation, your creator will destroy you. The only way to keep on going is to keep on dying, to keep showing up as characters who die. This is the only way you can block out awareness of your Creator.

It has all been fantasy. Fantasy is nothing at all. Creation cannot be and never was broken. You have never defied anyone because creation, of which you are an inextricable part, is harmonious. What you are is essentially harmonious and cannot be changed. You are perfectly safe in returning to full awareness of creation. In fact, this is the only way to shed all pain and fear. The way Home is safe, and you are always welcome. You are always celebrated. You are always seen as innocent. All beings playing characters are seen the same way.

While you still seem to be walking around in a fantasy being played out in Mind, you can trust the Christ in each one you meet. You can trust the Oneness, the unchangeable truth of their eternal harmony with all beings. It doesn’t matter what the surface looks like to you. The surface is meaningless. Know the truth, and you will enlarge it in your experience and their own.

This is not about slinging theories. This is not about discussion. This is not about convincing. This is about Mind. This about the healing of your mind, about assisting you in finding your willingness to return to full awareness of the Whole of us. When you are with another or thinking of another, simply hold in your awareness, as more important than anything else that seems to be happening, their Wholeness, their blessedness, their innocence beyond all roles and struggles and stories. If you can see theirs, you can see yours. If you can stay in that open space, you are open to guidance. Guidance will carry you through this fantasy, through its ending, back to Home.

When you trust the Christ, the Oneness all beings share, the Oneness that can guide your experience, your focus is beyond the false surface. Keep it here, and you stop referring to the false for guidance. Keep the awareness beyond the false surface, and you will be cared for. You will be cared for because you will not be clinging to a misapprehension that you have to control, as a separate entity, the survival of the body.

When you are invested in the survival, the satisfaction, and the apparent comforts of the body, you are invested in fear. Just notice. Notice when, in pursuit of the survival, the satisfaction and the comforts of a body, you feel off. Notice when you feel incomplete. Notice when you feel vulnerable. All of these are indicators that you are investing in lies. Be still and find your willingness to have your perception corrected. If you allow your perception to be corrected, the experience of the body can become neutral and painless, free of emotional and physical discomfort.

When you trust the Christ–the wholeness, the Oneness, the eternal harmony–you are tuned into guidance, away from habitual reactions and patterns based on fear and ego-identification. In other words, you are turned toward the light. To turn toward the light, you have to turn away from lies. You have to be willing to recognize the lies, and to drop them. This part–this turning away from the fantasy, away from the lies–this is your decision. As you curled into the fantasy of illusion by your own choice, you also turn your back on what it tells you by choice.

We are always here to support your choice for love and innocence in every moment. We thank you for listening, paying attention, observing, and for finding the willingness to return to your true Home in the Harmony you have always been.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Full awareness of unity

  1. Thank you, Julie, for the expansion of your interpretation of this transformative energy! It has enabled me to better understand a message I had received and took to be about the eclipse energy. This is what I saw as I listened to your message. As we step out of the darkness of separation, we step into the light of Unity consciousness. That is the coming Home, the attainment of Christ Consciousness, the birth of the divine human, the Ascension! During this July eclipse window? That may be a part of it, but it doesn’t really matter because time and the markers man creates for himself are just ego trips. What matters is maintaining that clarity of vision in which we are One in Peace, Love and Joy – whole and perfect in every way, that anything less is simply illusion. Standing firmly within this acceptance, we are able to release the delusions of imperfection of any kind, – in ourselves, in others, in our world – and activate the power of transmutation! In this way, we can and will heal ourselves, our brethren and our world.

    I AM deeply grateful for the clarity of your transmissions and the Light you share, Dear. You are doing us all a tremendous service! Thank you. 💞

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      1. I’m having a similar experience. And I find myself kind of fishing around for just the right “feeling” that will indicate the most direct connection of a seemingly infinite number of loose threads. I keep remembering my Grandmother teaching me how to blow bubbles as a small child and her saying, “You have to hold your mouth just right.”, and I catch myself straining to do that. 😊 💖

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