The messenger of happiness

All things are perfect and supposed to be here, even and especially if it doesn’t appear to be that way. If it appears in your experience, seemingly near or far, it is here to teach. When you remember that all things are one thing, then each thing is a call to remembrance in some way.

Everyone is playing a divine role. This includes you, in all your positive and negative aspects. This is why you are acceptable right now, in all of your positive and negative aspects. This is why you have always been not just acceptable, but truly and deeply loved for what you are. This is why the the same is true of every being in every dimension. This is why you have nothing to hide. This is why you have nothing to fear. This is why you have no need of judgment.

Sit in that space–that space of no judgment. One of ego’s suggestions about the necessity of judgment is that it is a modality that keeps separate-you safe. Ego also suggests that the modality of judgment emanating from a separate and vulnerable self keeps other separate-selves safe. For example, if you place pressure upon your perceived separate self to be a “good” person, then you, as you see yourself as separate and therefore unstable, won’t murder, injure or steal from others. You believe at times that the reason your character shows up as relatively good within this drama is that you, as a separate one, have successfully brought pressure to bear upon your separate self, keeping it relatively good. What if this is not true? What if it is not necessary to make a life out of applying pressure to separate selves in a quest to make them good enough? What if they already are good enough?

The one Self is always good enough. Indeed, it is nothing but goodness. The one Self can be recognized in your being. The one Self can be recognized in all other beings. The one Self can be invited out to play in mutual happiness. The one Self is not responsive to pressure, condemnation and the attempt to project guilt, but it does respond to joyful invitation. It responds to what is real, and it doesn’t worry about or fight what is not.

When you accept the ego’s suggestions for enactment, you act out a drama of reactiveness to pressure, condemnation and the attempt to project guilt. You act out a drama of pressuring, condemning, and attempting to project guilt upon other separate selves. Ego is not bad or wrong. It’s simply a device that invites you to enact a drama. Your participation is optional.

Today, you can choose to show up within the drama as Simplicity Itself. Yes, the other actors will feel confused when they feel that you are off script. But happiness offers its own enactment through inspiration. It is quite easy and effortless to share happiness. It is easy for your fellow actors to drop the script and flow with inspiration.

When you are happy, there is just that–this feeling of happiness. All things are one thing. It is a state of no conflict. When you understand that you can show up among those still following stage directions for conflict, and you can still be happy, it is very easy to extend the invitation of happiness. You don’t even think of yourself as a separate one doing it, in contrast to those other separate ones who are not. You simply show up happy, seeing the divine beingness in all, knowing that ego-influenced roles cannot cause true harm, knowing that what you are can never be threatened. Knowing is shared effortlessly mind-to-mind. You can simply show up as the happy messenger without saying a word, although you might. This is improv. You receive your direction from inspiration, moment-by-moment. Why don’t you see what happens?

We invite you today to notice a specific energy–distrust. When you attach that distrust to separate things, what are they? Who are they? What qualities are you believing they possess? We invite you to notice that the perspective of distrust was offered to you by ego, and you accepted it as a framework for viewing. You can easily set it down in curiosity. You may be wondering what you would see without that framework. Just notice, in a moment when you seem to be enacting in thought, word or action ego’s suggestion that something cannot be trusted. In that moment, you are making the illusion. What are you projecting into your world? The very fault you are seeing and thinking you must defend against, this is what you are projecting into your experience at that very moment.

When you have a tendency to repeat the same kind of experience that seems to disturb or bother you, it’s because you have not noticed yet those moments in which you are projecting a repetition of the experience in another form. We invite you to notice those moments today because those are the moments that we are there by your side. Say to us, “Hey, imaginary friends. I just noticed myself projecting war into the world. I understand how this works now! I know that guilt is yet another projection, so I have no need to take ego’s suggestion that a separate me is guilty of this projection. Please assist me in seeing beyond all projection in this beautiful moment. I know that you love me and will help me.” And we are there, and we will help.

We will assist you through the process of first noticing when you are distrusting specific things, then understanding that all life experience is here to teach and assist you, and then seeing past ego’s suggestion to enact distrust beyond to Trust in all that you collectively are. When you can see all that you collectively are, you can invite that experience of trust into every moment. You can see every person and every experience as a conduit for the remembrance of that.

Trust all things, and all things will be invited to show up as trustworthy to you. This is what we call the big reveal! Don’t fear the gift wrap. Look forward to what you will discover when you look underneath.

Photo by Wynand Uys on Unsplash

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