Practice 44 – I allow Trust to be revealed

When you allow all thoughts of effort and struggle to come into awareness and to be seen through, you discover that Trust in what you are has always been there. It has just been covered over by distractions and lies.

A key to effortlessness is Trust, and you are that Trust. You are the Trust and the Flow that carries you. Seeing anything as outside of you is the illusion of separation perception. Today’s practice is about allowing what isn’t to dissolve in order to see what Is.

Begin your practice by repeating to yourself:
I allow Trust to be revealed

Sink down into your true foundation, the stability of light. As you abide in this light, allow any thoughts or beliefs that block the light to rise into awareness. You can see them as physical objects or you can hear them as thoughts and beliefs. You don’t have to know what they are in particular unless they reveal themselves in that form.

As you sit and either see or hear, all that isn’t becomes more and more transparent in this powerful light. The sound it makes becomes unintelligible and faint. There is only light, and you are that light. Every trace of all that isn’t disappears.

If anything arises to disturb your peace, remember:
I allow Trust to be revealed

Today is a day to allow all that isn’t to disappear and to vibrate in the constancy of a Trust that supplies all–every word, every action, every imaginary physical resource that you could think you need.

End by affirming:
I allow Trust to be revealed

If anything arises during the day to disturb your peace, remain steadfast:
I allow Trust to be revealed

There is no need to do battle with the physical or to lament how things appear to be when what you truly want is underneath the surface of what you are struggling with. Allow the struggle to dissipate, and you sink into that Trust that resolves everything.

Thank you for your willingness to awaken. We stand by you in joy, always ready to assist you.

For further reading see Effort can dissolve

Photo by Chi Pham on Unsplash

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