Ask us to prove it

There are no shoulds.

You might employ the concept of “should” or “should have” quite frequently. We propose to you that this is completely unnecessary. We invite you to throw off a burden today by releasing all of your shoulds–all of your shoulds for yourself, and all of your shoulds for everyone else. Set all of your “should haves” about the past free. You don’t need them, and neither does anyone else.

Shoulds are figments. They have no reality, so it is interesting how you convince yourselves to drag all of your shoulds around like 100-pound burdens. Simply drop them all. They will disappear.

You are joy, and all of your brethren across time and space are joy. Know this about all. When you see the beauty and truth of this, you will relax and know deeply that there is nothing to fix. All is well right now. Paradoxically, this is when the body can get called to serve as a means for communication. The body may become very busy, but there is no strain there. There is no urgency. It is simply there to be used for the purpose of informing and sharing.

If you still believe there is something to fix, simply ask for help with your perception. We are always here and always ready to lend assistance. Notice all the ways you think joy will come with a different and better form. Joy is always a right-now thing. You always have access to it. Be willing to allow that awareness to creep in. Be willing to allow that awareness to dominate. Joy is never dependent on form. No form brings joy. Joy is experienced because of a willingness to experience it. That is all.

When you perceive a condition as blocking joy, give thanks. This condition does not actually block joy, but your perception does. Ask for help where it will be most effective. Ask for help in transforming your perception. The condition came to you as a perfect trigger to help you see very clearly where you are blocking love. Thank the condition. Ask for help where it is most effective. Ask to see through all conditions and all forms. Ask to see things as they truly are, and then the dance of form cannot ever interfere with ever-present joy. The dance of changing form does not have to have any heaviness attached to it.

The joy is here. Always, the joy is here, right where you are. If right now you seem to be in the midst of misery, remember that you are in the middle of an opportunity to allow what you do not need to be washed away. Find your willingness to allow it to be washed away. Ask us to prove to you how joy is ever-present: “Show me how the joy is there.” Shake your fist at us. We don’t mind. Just find your willingness to release what you don’t need, and ask us to prove to you how joy is always here and now.

To see physically is to see separate people, and it’s very easy to get caught up in the idea of separation. We ask that you playfully see a fountain of joy inside each of what you perceive to be separate persons. We say this because they are not separate at all, but you are currently choosing to see them that way. Instead of the old perception, make demands of us. Say, “Show me this fountain of joy. I want to see it!” We can show you what you are willing to see.

Find your willingness to see through the dream today and to abide in what is actually here. When you are abiding in what is actually here and now all of the time–love, joy and peace–you have a lot to share in your dream until there is no more need of dreaming.

It is our delight to prove to you that joy is ever-present. Ask us often to show you!

If you would like a practice, see Practice 46 – I am willing to be shown

Photo byΒ Janine JolesΒ onΒ Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Ask us to prove it

  1. Awesome!! “Joy is always a right-now thing.” Thank you, thank you, thank you! πŸ™‚ I was getting caught in “shoulds” in my spiritual practice and felt such a burden, i decided to follow the love, joy and adoration of my heart. But to be honest, i was wondering if this was okay — and how kind is God, to show me it is — through you message, dear, dear, dear Julie! Happy New Moon! πŸ™‚

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