Effort can dissolve

We invite you to allow all thoughts of effort to rise into awareness. When you think you are trying, you are also attempting to control. You are attempting to control outcomes through physical action. If your belief is strong that struggle will achieve outcomes, that is exactly what seems to happen. You are accustomed to thinking that amount of effort is related to the type of result you get. We invite you to allow that belief into the light so it can dissolve.

Notice how thoughts of effort are tied to thoughts and beliefs of unworthiness. Why would you need to struggle? You only need to struggle if all is not provided for you. It seems in this world as if all is not provided for you, but the only reason that is experienced is that is what is believed.

Notice judgments about the efforts of others–whether or not they are trying hard enough. Why would you expect them to try hard for you? When you expect others to make efforts on your behalf, notice the ingrained sense of lack there. The idea is that you need others to struggle in order not to experience lack yourself. Notice how all of this is woven into a structure that you share. You have a mutual agreement that you will all value struggle. When you break free of this agreement, you share something very beautiful with all of those minds.

Beyond the idea of survival, why would someone need to try? Think of the action of trying to please someone else. You are actually attempting to please a structure made of egoic thought, a figment. Why would you do this? Only because you want a particular response from the other. Or you believe you want to avoid a particular response. When you are trying to please someone, you are not actually trying to please their actual Self. Their actual Self needs no pleasing. Yours doesn’t, either, since they are one and the same. Your actual Self and that of every other abides in joy, always, so you are not doing anyone any favors when you attempt to please them.

While we do not suggest that you attempt to suppress the physical enactment of trying, we do encourage you to allow all thoughts and beliefs about trying into the light. Ask if they are true. Ask to have those thoughts and beliefs replaced with loving thoughts and beliefs. Find your willingness to drop micromanagement of outcomes. Find your willingness to drop judgment of outcomes. Find your willingness to allow the entire structure supporting effort and control of outcomes to fall away. Underneath that you will find trust and inspiration. You will all find that all of phenomenality is arranged to aid you on your way.

As trust in Self develops, effort thoughts fall away.  As trust in Self develops, your need to please or manage outcomes related to those you see as others disappears. Trust in Self is very simple. It doesn’t require complex thought to uphold it. Trust in phenomenality, in the physical, does require complex thought in the form of reason to uphold it. Fall into any easy trust–Love–and know that you are always supported.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 44 – I allow Trust to be revealed

Photo by Chi Pham on Unsplash


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