Body wisdom

Way back when, back in the good old days–we chuckle as we communicate to you about the illusion of time from beyond that illusion, and we can let you in on the joke now. As we were saying, back in those good old days, you experienced a thought. It was a thought of separation from your creator, and you believed it. With that belief, reaction was born. In reaction to that thought believed, you felt tremendous guilt. And then your world happened, in a series of reactions bouncing off one another. Many casts of characters have passed through, but it has always been the one mind having the experience. That is why we are inextricably joined.

Let us give you a rather crude example. Within the one mind you still stick with resolution to your office cubicles, while we prefer sort of an open floor plan. See us dancing, celebrating, and doing our “Oms” out in that open space. No, not really, because we have no need even of an om. But the sense of invitation is what we want to give to you. As Glinda the good witch says, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” You can creep out of those cubicles. You are safe. We have always been here with you. You can join our party while still embodied.

If you will look at those cubicles from the outside, we promise that you will have a laugh. You will see how you have festooned them with bling and flair in order to distinguish one from another. When you’re hiding in the cubicle distinction is important. You see and feel it as your safety. Doesn’t everyone want to be special?

Looking from the outside, you will also feel great compassion for yourself and all all others. Look at those bits of wood and plastic and metal you have nailed and taped and glued to your fortress to try to make it stronger, any way you could. Look at all the self-protection.

Now let’s play an imagination game. You’re already playing a rather grand one, what with your cubicles and all, but we’re just adding one more. Imagine a great wind comes through and sweeps the cubicles away. Now this is not actually possible because the cubicles can only be removed on the say-so of the one who dwells within them, but here’s the very interesting thing. All the selves around you are attracting situations and events to them because they know it is time to allow the cubicle, the distinct sense of separation and vulnerability, to pass away. They may not know they know this yet, but they Know.

So back to this great wind, here it comes, and the cubicles are gone. Now you are all out in the open with us. What will happen to you there? Will some great and ravening beast come and gobble you all up? If you gather together and focus and concentrate on that, you can make it happen, but you won’t. Because you’re going to notice a party. The people at this party are very happy and very generous. It will be the most natural thing in the world to join this party. What is left, after all? Your dark and limiting cubicles are gone.

You have been intentionally dismantling your cubicle, in a world filled with cubicles. It’s been a wonderful and scary experience. You have always been afraid of that great and ravening beast that might come to get you once you stay out in the open. You’re accustomed to seeing that staying out in the open as being vulnerable, as being a target. But now you know that the “open” has never had anything to do with that rampaging beast. The open is quite simple. The beast is always of the illusion. The open is always safe. You can see us there now, and we are always celebrating.

We can speak to you of the beast only because you are willing to step outside of your cubicle and stroll with us for a while. We thank you for your willingness, and we rejoice to see you strolling about out here with us. We encourage you to inhabit this space as often as you like, because you are going to come to be aware of being here all of the time, anyway.

You’ve always been out in the open, but through illusion, you have given yourself this cubicle experience. The reason you’ve stayed married to this cubicle experience is that you’re scared shitless that you fucked up in making the illusory world to play in. You think that by doing this you may have well and truly fucked up all of creation. We delight in using these words with you, these little antiquities, these manual typewriters that we can pick up and examine and marvel at.

Creation is alive and well, our very dear darlings, and it never could have been otherwise. Creation is un-fuck-up-able. Isn’t that nice? But you can cling to an agonizing idea that you did fuck up, and you can keep yourself in a world that reflects that back to you. You can keep yourself imprisoned. You can keep yourself in hell. It has always been unnecessary. You don’t deserve any punishment at all, and neither does anyone else. But you enact and reflect back to each other the terrible thing you all must have done. You reflect that back to each other through the acts in your world that are considered to be terrible. And then you agree that oh, terrible must exist, and what a terrible thing, and how terrible are the people who enacted it for you to show you what you’re attached to, and how we must fight to defeat the terrible. This is you with your action figures, darlings. That’s all it has ever been.

You always power the terrible with your belief in it, and you have always been innocent. Your finger has always been about two millimeters away from the switch that would power down the whole illusion. Now it is one millimeter away. Isn’t that amazing? We don’t want you to struggle to find the switch because even that image is a metaphor we’re giving to you  as you are still attached to the illusion, as you still give it a power that has only ever been your own. We want you to know that you are not inching toward the switch. You’re millimetering toward it!

There is a picture of you groping around for that switch. There is also a picture of you scared shitless to touch that switch because your idea of who you are is all tied up in that illusion. That’s why we’re switching (haha) to a different metaphor now.

You are learning to float on your back. We’re in the pool with you, surrounding you. You’re floating in the water, and our arms are under you. You’re eventually going to drift to the spot where you see a switch, and in that very relaxed and supported state you’re not going to see any reason not to flip it. It’s like turning the light off when you leave a room. You just do it. It’s easy, and it makes sense.

Let’s hop back over to the cubicle scene. You’re going to notice the ones surrounding you emerging into the sunlight as they step out of their own cubicles, as they make a window in one wall and allow the sunshine to stream in. At first the sunlight is scary, and they might respond by leaping into a very challenging situation within the illusion. Do you see them surrounded by their own energetic team? Now look at your own team of nonphysicals surrounding you. We are fully harmonized with the nonphysicals surrounding that “other” one. We can laugh at the “other” now, right? We’re going to see right through this idea of “other” while still able to appreciate and play within differentiation.

So your team is fully harmonized with that other person’s team, and you’re listening to your team now. You’re tuning in many times a day, and you can even see a time where there isn’t a need to tune in at all because you’re simply with us all the time. It’s that way now, and it always has been. It’s just that you’re allowing your awareness to change. We’re telling you all of this because this is why you do not need to worry about whatever plunge within the illusion someone else appears to take.

Think of them diving, and diving very deep within the illusion, to very lovingly dismantle it from that deep place, in full harmony with your team, in full harmony with you. This is why there is no need to worry. If there is anything you need to do in response to that one, you will be doing it. It will be that obvious. Trust in the obvious, and your guidance will become obvious. After a while, it won’t even be guidance. It will simply be the way we move together.

Can you take a moment to appreciate, now, those beings who seem to be very firmly entrenched in some aspect of the illusion that you fear? Maybe it’s sickness, the perceived decay of old age, war, crime, abuse. Anything at all you might fear. Now see them blooming from that space in incredible ways, beyond all current belief in the limits of your illusion. We’re talking about the sick being healed, the “old” springing up in youth, the abuser transformed into the deeply compassionate, war ending in forgiveness and trust. All of the things that currently seem impossible. Can you see that happening? Positions, please. Each one is taking the perfect position within the illusion to bloom from there. Can you trust it? That is why you can allow all things. Allowing all things is allowing the limits of the illusion you put in place to swirl down the drain. It’s only freeing everyone. No big deal.

Of course, it is a big deal to you now. And you’re ready for the big deal. You’re ready for the big deal! But as you prepare for the big deal, it’s only you floating in the pool with our assistance–relaxed, trusting, supported. So no big deal. We’re preparing you for approach to the big deal as if it is no deal at all, so you can show up cool as a cucumber, all cazh about it. Yeah, we’re just saving the world today. It’s been on the calendar for a while.

Yes, you are allowed to be excited. You can be a happy dork. You don’t need to be casual, but being calm helps. You are allowed to rejoice. One of the reasons to rejoice is that you are allowing us to filter the anxiety and the sense of unworthiness out of all the emotions that come up when you contemplate releasing the illusion. All of the guilt. We thank you.

Let’s take another time ride and go back to that moment when you invented the ego. You invented that which would send out a stream of thoughts that, when believed, would give you a sense of being identified with and as the body. You didn’t do anything wrong. You never did anything wrong. The body is now the perfect tool through which healing can extend. In order to make loving use of it as such, we want to help you release guilt over showing up in bodies, guilt about the idea you believed about separating from your creator into these bodies and attempting to have it your own way.

You have never done anything wrong. You have never done a single thing wrong. The only thing you have done is to make and dwell in illusions, and that’s it. If you stand in full absolution and union with your creator–a union that has never ceased–you can extend that to others. It’s called healing. It’s called collectively dropping the illusion, using every facet of the illusion to communicate the readiness to drop it, because you know that you have always been loved and you are love itself. It’s called feeling safe enough to crawl out of your separate cubicles into union because you know that’s where you’ve truly been all along.

Let’s look at the consequences of showing up as a body in separation. You feel vulnerable. You feel protective of the body. You feel that the separate body unit can advance itself, but you also feel that it can be left behind. You feel that the separate body unit can show up as superior in some way, but it can also show up as inferior. It is a very unstable experience that keeps you from knowing the stability that you truly are. Identification with and as the body is primarily painful and fearful. Making contact with your true identity in and as love, and abiding there–that’s what turns the body experience toward the service of healing.

When you abide in and as the love that you are, you know that bodies arise and depart as needed, but you don’t confuse who and what you are with the vessel that temporarily allows you to extend and share love within an illusion. You saw this planet, and you said, “I’ll go!” And you knew it was only temporary. You knew you were entering the illusion of time to assist your sisters and brothers as they started to awaken.

Now it is time to make perfect and loving use of the body. The experiences of pain, discomfort and fear are your opportunities to notice the body-related thoughts you are believing and to request their true replacements. Open yourself today to understanding the true use and value of the body as all heal collectively. Make yourself available during the day to receive input from us on the nature of the body, how best to use it, how best to support it, how to flow with it in loving harmony every moment so you can do the same with your brothers and sisters. Ask today to hear only true thoughts about the body. Declare your willingness to us to have all distortion swept away: Today I am willing to understand and appreciate the most loving use of the body. Today I am willing to release all distorted thinking related to the body.

You are always connected to the Holy Spirit, and constant communication from the Holy Spirit is always available. If you don’t like the words “Holy Spirit,” then use “Highest Intelligence” or just “Myself.” It’s all you, and you are truly grand. You’re not grander than anyone or anything because it’s all You. You see?

Today we would like you to ask from time to time, “What thoughts should I believe about this body experience?” See what comes into that space.  See what notions you get. See what you feel like doing. Invite the understanding to come to you, and release any distortion with sincere and deep willingness to serve yourself. All are You, so when you serve any, you are always serving yourSelf. It can never be any other way.

We join with you today in turning the body (the one you call yours) over to the service of healing. We are there to remind you that you lose nothing except fear and discomfort, and your greatest happiness always comes from your fulfillment of your function as a healer.. Step into that role today, knowing that we’re always surrounding you and supporting your work, and feel the fulfillment of that.

We love you and wish you all good things, and the extension of all good things through you today.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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