The shroud disappears You can't rely upon what feels so awful anymore. It's too clear not to. As you go deeper into witnessing the insanity that egoic thoughts offer, you come to see that it has taught you to regard everyone without exception as your sworn enemy. Do not leave anyone out. Mothers, fathers spouses, children, friends--ego … Continue reading The shroud disappears

Light up the path Time is really stretchy. Truly, time isn't, as in it doesn't exist. But given into the hands of Spirit, time loses all of the rigidity that you still believe it needs to have. Consider how perceived structures in time and space seem to lend order and safety and predictability to your experience. Consider how … Continue reading Light up the path

Illusion’s thoughts are replaced Most of the posts I've been sharing lately are messages that I was given weeks ago. I didn't get the call to share until now. The really interesting thing about that time gap was that it helped me see that on the day I shared the message, it applied perfectly to something I experienced. … Continue reading Illusion’s thoughts are replaced