The hammock and the lounger

Dear Sue, you ask how much support can flow from us to you? The answer is all the support! Today we give you two gifts–the hammock, for when you are on dry land, and the floating lounger, for when you are at sea. When you relax into both of these gifts, you are able to be held, cradled and carried through whatever storm seems to be happening, both internally and externally.

We are not here to give you assignments and hard work. We are here to encourage you to relax back into the Love that is always present for you. For the purposes of understanding, think of each being believing itself to be physical as having a team of divine light beings always surrounding it in every moment. You are similarly surrounded, and you always have been. Make your awareness of light and support primary, and what seems to be happening fades into meaninglessness.

When you feel willing and able to do thought work–noticing how your feel, noticing the thoughts that don’t feel good, recognizing those thoughts as lies from ego, finding your willingness to release them, and knowing Truth will sweep in to replace them in your mind–do that. We are not giving you a pickax and assigning you to hard labor, however. We are offering to remove the ideas of toil and struggle from your experience. This is why we offer the hammock and the floating lounger.

Relax into doing the work you are willing to do, when you can. Whatever seems to be happening, know that you are held and carried at all times, uplifted by the light. You Are the light itself, and so are All. Take as many breaks as you can to remember this. Sink into it. Take a breath or two, Bask in it. Each time you stop to bask, you send waves out into your experience that teach it you are supposed to bask and glow now. So bask as you are safely held by us until that calm and peace becomes your always-setting. Be the calm in the storm, and you will help everyone realize that calm as their true nature.

Sometimes, at the height of the storm, when the density seems so intense, reaching out for a comfort might be all that you can do. Simply take a moment for a breath. Sink into whatever brings ease. This is the teaching of ease. Ease is a setting you can find. At first when you find it, you leave a lot–not trusting it, becoming forgetful. But then, more and more, it expands in your experience, and you choose to stay there. At first it is your wonderful, unexpected vacation home, and then it becomes your beautiful permanent dwelling place.

When the density comes, it is simply the remnants of egoic identity surfacing for release. You can feel how awful egoic identity feels. Your job is simply to allow it to leave. It’s coming up, and it’s leaving. And all the time you are held and carried. As egoic identity surfaces, it will operate as it was instructed to operate. It will send any thought your way that could convince you to sponsor it. You need not worry about such thoughts. Because you practice thought-watching, because you value how you feel, it is clear when a thought comes from ego.

The ego isn’t an enemy. It’s just a storm of nothingness that you asked to distract you away from Reality. It seemed to come at your command, and it can recede into nothingness with your simple intention. We are by your side at all times as you allow it to retreat and disappear.

When physical symptoms seem to come, it is the ego shaking the home you originally decided to allow ego to rule. While the body is not your true home and was originally made as a conduit for ego, the body’s purpose now is as a conduit for the light.

Can you find your willingness for the nothingness of illusion to leave the perception of the body? Can you find your willingness to allow the body to be used to free you and all from all attachment to ego? Can you find your willingness to allow the body to be used by the whole of us as a conduit for light and love? In your most challenging moments, this willingness will help you. Finding your willingness only takes a moment, and it invites True Power to take over. When you allow True Power to take over, this is when you are able to relax back into your hammock or lounger.

We gave you the hammock so when the notion arises that you have to be very busy about doing or accomplishing, you have a means to relax back into the flow. As you are lying here, cradled, all of the doing will be done through you without struggle. It may look busy, but there is no struggle. The hammock is a means for releasing struggle.

When you feel all at sea and tossed about with intensity, now you have the floating lounger. You don’t have to struggle to stay afloat. You are held. There’s even a drink holder. No matter how much the sea seems to rage around and underneath you, the lounger is stable, and you float in calm and peace.

When you feel tossed about, you have climbed off the lounger to try your luck in the waters as a body. Everything you need can come to you and then through you. You don’t have to struggle as a body to make anything happen, so here is the lounger for that struggle to subside.

As others seem to struggle in the water as bodies, identified with them, stay in your lounger. If you jump into the water to struggle alongside them, their own loungers will not become visible to them, and you will continue the game of struggling that you have played for so long. Stay in your lounger, completely at ease, and all those struggling will realize that they also have this lounger. It becomes visible for them as you stay still. It is the greatest compassion to do that which allows them to see the vast support they always have available to them.

The density you feel is what you don’t need arising and moving out, so find a moment of celebration when you can. It’s like watching a destructive tenant get evicted from a building. There may be some unpleasantness, but the tenant is leaving. Soon all that will be left are memories of the tenant’s unpleasantness, and then even that will fade. Simply allow the tenant to go in peace. You remain still. As you truly Are and always have been, you Are Stillness itself. So you tune into that that setting and stay there.

Think of each experience of density as leaving you more and more open to the nonphysical support that is here for you in every moment, so it is worth going through. It is uncomfortable when it surfaces, but it’s so worth allowing it to leave. Here is a game you can play when it feels intense. If you experience nausea, say to yourself, “I am allowing the cause of all nausea to be revealed, and I allow the Light to shine through it into nothingness. My experience is temporary, and I am willing to experience my True State.”

We shine. And you have your own team of “Us” constantly surrounding you. When you relax into the hammock, you allow Us to shine right through you. Actually the “Us” is you, too. We are not separated from you, and we never have been. You have never been a body, but you have given yourself the experience of one with egoic thought. The Light we Are can take everything over now, and as you allow this perception shift in you, you make it available to everyone.

You are the Ease into which you are sinking, and we celebrate that Ease in unity.