Remembering our shared innocence

We invite you to become aware of things you seem to want in this world. If you want chocolate or a nap or thousands of dollars, that is fine. Just don’t get attached to the idea that these seemingly separate things mean too much, however. We invite you to turn all concepts of this nature over to us. Allow us to take over the day-to-day for you entirely. Then you can focus on what you need to do.

So when you become aware that you want chocolate, communicate with us. Say to us, “I am having a phenomenal experience of lack. I know I am guided, and I know I am provided for. I will accept all help available to me in this moment.” Why do we want you to hold this intention? When you place your attention here, the day-to-day becomes very obvious and easy. Turn it all over. There is nothing for you to handle on your own.

The only thing for you to work on is allowing us in where you have been blocking us.

We invite you to remember that this is an insane world made through insane means. This is not an evaluation or a judgment. It is a fact. It is a world made in a delusional attempt to forget divine will, made by fear-based striving to hide from what you are.  When you remember this about the world, the things you seem to want within it don’t mean so much anymore. Waking up and releasing your attachment to insanity means much more. So allow us to take care of everything that doesn’t matter. Fall into effortlessness because you are worthy of it, and so is everyone else.

When your wanting some particular thing is attached to the idea that this world is a world where you want to continue to abide, we have a reminder for you. You’re here for the changeover. You’re not here to reinforce a false world. You’re here to bring the Real world into experience. As long as you have the perception that you need particular things, those particular things will be provided for you. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking you actually needed  them. You just have  belief that you do, and we can easily work with whatever beliefs are active in you right now.

All are pure of heart, and all are meek. This remembrance of collective innocence is what you’re here to share. This is your work, and whatever you need to perform this work will be provided for you. Trust what is provided, whether it appears to be gift or challenge. Challenge takes you deeper into your training, while gifts support your work.

Meekness is very powerful. It is the greatest power because it is based on the truth of our Unity. All true power lies in our unity and the expression of the Love we are. Meekness means that you don’t mistake yourself for a separate personality. You flow with the Whole because you are it, and so is everyone else. From the perspective of meekness you can see the equality of all beings. You can see right through the human to the worthiness and the love. You can see right through the fluctuation of personality to the divine service each being performs for every other. You can see the Beauty we are.

You’re here to see right through all the costuming and the stagecraft to the purity and innocence that everyone is so they can come to know themselves that way. Much of your work is telepathic, as you have noticed, but we also guide your speech and action. Fall into the abundance of guidance that is always here for you so you can focus on the most important work of seeing and sharing innocence mind-to-mind.

Healed minds in a state of appreciation and love project a healed world. We thank you for accepting the gifts of healing always available to you, and it is always our delight to be of service. We are not fixing what is wrong with you. We are welcoming you Home in joy because you are allowing it.

Photo by David Siglin on Unsplash

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