The walls come tumbling down

The physical is a projection. It feels very real, with a power of its very own, and it was meant to be that way. It was meant to be a substitute for the power and innocence that you are. You substituted your experience of the physical in place of the knowing who and what you and all others are. You gave to the physical and to apparent others a false power to seem to dominate and victimize you. All illusion. All your choice.

We invite you to remember, whenever you are giving the physical or an apparent other any power that is over another, that is not shared, that is not innocent. When you are believing in that false power, you are fueling illusion. Fueling illusion is just a habit now, and it is a habit you are dropping. We are here for you in every moment as you learn to drop this habit.

The physical and the perception of others as separate is a projection, and it comes from your mind. Projection is made up of thought. Everything you experience is the result of past thought. It is the outpicturing of past thought. It is truly in your hands. Whenever you notice a sense of victimhood, a sense of blame moving outwards, you are giving your projection a power it never had, thereby continuing to fool yourself, continuing to choose illusion.

Call upon us to help you see what is and what isn’t. That is why we are here, and it is our great joy to serve you. We are not constrained by time or location because those are only part of your pretend world. There is no such thing as calling upon us too much. When you call upon us, you call upon your own power, and you cannot call upon that too much.

It seems there are many minds, but there is only one Mind. You have put up lots of neighborhood fences in this one Mind, but it’s still only one. Similarly, you have lots of masks or personalities seemingly walking around in your world, but there is only one of us. It is possible to experience us as harmonically differentiated, like petals on a flower, but any experience of us in conflict with one another is part of the illusion. The whole concept of conflict belongs to the illusion, and you are here to see through it. As you see through it, you are able to help seeming others do the same.

Whenever you feel tension, you are feeling the boundary walls of perception that minds put up. You are feeling these little neighborhood fences. It doesn’t matter if you are feeling your neighbor’s fence or your own. If you are feeling anything other than the joy you are, the joy your neighbor is and always has been, you are experiencing a wonderful opportunity for perception correction that you can share with others. Be willing to feel. Be willing to allow your perception to be corrected. This is all you need do. The rest does itself through you.  

Feeling is so important on this journey because it is your conduit to invite the walls to come tumbling down. When you feel any tension at all within this experience, you are bumping into a perceptual wall that you have insisted upon. It may be the perceptual wall that defines what you see as your separate self. If may be the perceptual wall that defines what you see as your fellow human. It may be the perceptual wall that defines and explains the physical world to you. All of these walls are going to come down, but you’re still going to show up within an apparent physical experience. You’re showing up within this apparent physical experience in a very helpful and loving way. How do you know this? You know by how you feel.

So feel. Allow the feeling and know that you are responsible for all of it and not to blame for any of it. Responsibility only means that you can awaken fully and you can assist your divine siblings in awakening fully. Responsibility only means that you are going to be able to see the ways in which all your divine siblings are assisting you in your own awakening.

We are waiting to assist you in the removal of walls that have only been perceptual. When you give permission, we can get to work. We thank you for your willingness, and we delight in every moment of awareness you allow.

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “The walls come tumbling down

  1. We project this physical world and it’s victimhood and also give the way out with the reminders of how the mind works to give our Power over to our blame and victim thoughts.
    We are all these aspects…
    The Divine Source, the projector, the victim, the innocents, the Helpers, the Holy Spirit……..
    How do we call upon our helpers?

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    1. Yes, we are all. While we are finding our way back to consistent awareness of what we are, we are given the parent-child metaphor (God and child of God) to help us on our way.

      My imaginary friends have always said, “We are not not-you.” 😊 And they have always said that we are as delightfully flexible and imaginary as they are.

      The surest guides for me in accessing the help that is always there is in affirming my willingness to feel and my willingness to allow my perception to change. If I drop all other stories and focus on that, time seems to take care of whatever the stumbling block is. It’s always perceptual and never real.



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