Dropping judgment

What you seek is what you are. When you experience any sort of seeking/lacking feeling, we invite you to pause and to turn your awareness, your focus, to Home. Home is All. Home is abundance. When you rest in that abundance, you are at Home. The seeking feeling, or any feeling of lack, is your invitation Home. Nothing phenomenal, nothing happening during your day, is more important than answering this invitation when you receive it.

What you seek is what everyone else is, too. This means that not a single one can interfere in the return of your awareness to Home, to inner peace. They are your invitation. When judgments–positive or negative–about single others or groups of others arise, they are blocking the very simple, ever-present awareness, available to you at all times, that the “others” are always your equals in presence and joy. You are their equals. Judgment would sort what you seem to see into positive and negative, superior and inferior. Joy simply guides you without judgment.

We encourage you to look right through the facets of the story to allow what you are to shine into it. When you are looking directly at the facets of the story as if they had reality and then judging them, empowering them, you are missing the true power that all share. The true power that all share–what can shine right into the story–is harmony. When you allow what you are to shine right into the story, you allow what all others are to shine into the story. As this realization dawns on you, it can feel like a passivity, like a sitting back. There are many seasons in your return to full awareness of what you are. This is just one of them and does not require your judgment. Allow it to be as it is, and you will allow all things to be as they are.

When you judge the seemingly separate aspects of the story you are experiencing, you block what you are from shining through it.  You are the only one who can block the abundance of What Is. You’re the only one who can block happiness in your experience. No seeming other can do this against your will. This ability you have to block–to live in fantasyland–will eventually be seen as useless and will be dropped easily and naturally.

When you think you must bring into being a specific story aspect, you give reality to the story instead of allowing what you are to guide it. You can tell when you are overvaluing story aspects by the feeling of tension. This feeling of tension is never, ever caused by another, although an analysis of the story would point you straight to that conclusion. Whenever any tension arises, you are overvaluing and judging an aspect of the story you are living. Ask for help. Ask to see truly, and you won’t get stuck in a blame that takes your power away. If you blame, you are granting power to something that doesn’t exist. Instead of blame, we suggest that you remember this:
Being is Loving And Mild Eternally

When you are in blame, it appears that your focus is on judging others, but in reality, you are placing your focus on them to avoid the pain of facing how you judge yourself. Remembering the truth of your shared being brings you out of the harshness, into the softness that allows you to see the situation with love and gratitude.

What you are is ease. This means that everyone is that same ease. If you are not seeing it, you can invite it. You can invite it by laying down your arms, which are judgments. Judgments are decisions about nothingness. They are attempts to give nothingness reality. Since you cannot make nothing Real, no matter how hard you try, judgments will never bring happiness. Judgments block happiness. Drop the judgments, and there is nothing but ease left. When you abide in ease, inspiration shows you the way.

We thank you for listening. We thank you for your willingness to see what all share, always. We invite you to remember what is shared, so you can drop what looks separate.

Photo by Roy Tack on Unsplash

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