Thinking causes experience

Dear Michele, thank you for tuning into us. We want to let you know that helpful nonphysical beings are always surrounding you, and they will assist you with your thinking–that which is the cause of experience. If you reach out to them, they will always reach back, and receiving this message is one way of doing that.

We’re going to focus in on the fact that each moment is a new circumstance. Each moment can do anything at all that needs to be done, and when your focus is there, your focus is on receiving from Spirit instead of judging and trying to control. We encourage you to notice this. Each time you don’t feel good, you are blocking the flow that wants to come to you and through you from Spirit. As you pay close attention to how you feel, you know exactly when to reach out to your nonphysical friends to ask for help with your thinking.

Every not-good feeling is associated with not-helpful thinking and believing. The best way to thrive in your current circumstances is to acknowledge when you don’t feel good, and then to find one thought that you are believing. Picture your nonphysical friends surrounding you, glowing with light, and then you hand this thought over to your friends. As they take it, a free spot opens up in your mind. Into this space you can invite Truth, Love, Grace, Guidance, or Inspiration. It doesn’t matter which guest you invite. They are all the same one.

When you make a commitment to opening up space in the mind in this way, you benefit all minds across time and space. Think of it as one part of a body relaxing, and that benefit being shared with all parts of that body. It’s no small thing. Each time you allow relaxation and flow to enter the mind, you share it with all beings across time and space. That’s how powerful you and all are in every situation.

The circumstances you experience are always perfect for revealing and then helping you to release stories about yourself (the seen-as-separate you) and Your Self (the shared identity) that no longer serve you and others. This is why you don’t need to invest in bringing particular circumstances about. They are all perfect. Make the best use of each set of circumstances, releasing thought you don’t need to your nonphysical friends, and every situation becomes a situation in which gratitude is found. Then every set of circumstances becomes a means to point you to the flow of guidance that brings happiness to you and all.

Living like this is no small thing. It reveals how powerful you are, and when you can recognize this, you can recognize the equal power of others.

When you are looking at one you call other, you can affirm that you are ready to see that one as she truly is. As you make a habit of focusing upon this, you get to meet yourself as you truly Are–a pure and powerful being of light. We shine as a reflection of you, and we teach you how to see the shining in others. As you see them shine, you realize that you are a Light being, too.

So past all judgment, past ideas of limitation, every other shines. Past all judgment, past all ideas of limitation, you shine. You are here to drop what you don’t need so you can see the truth about everyone, and we thank you for this.

Thriving is alive in this moment, always, so when you find your attention on the past or the future, call out to us:
I have been looking at the unreal.
I return my attention to Now and ask for guidance from Reality.

What is Real is Light and Love, and guidance from Light and Love can come to you in a never-ending stream. Only your thinking can seem to put gaps in the flow of this stream, and we are always here to help with your thinking, the cause of all experience.

We invite you to put your focus on allowing. There is something beautiful and good for you in each moment, and you only have to allow it. When you accept the gift that each moment brings you, you benefit all minds across time and space, so set aside any worries about benefiting while others suffer. Accepting Spirit’s bountiful gifts means that you light up a pathway in each mind that leads straight to the gifts that are available for all.

If there seems to be something particular in this world that you want, what you are really wanting is the peace and joy that this moment can bring to you. This peace and joy are always within reach. We want to reveal something very important about flexibility. If you can be very flexible about the form of what you want, the peace and joy you are seeking has many pathways to reach you. When you are attached to one form, then you attach conditions to peace and joy, which are unconditional and can reach you in any situation.

When you find that you are focusing on wanting a particular form, it’s okay. We simply advise you to take these steps next:
I seem to want __________________, but what I am really wanting is the peace and joy I think this form will bring to me.
I am willing to experience peace and joy now, and as I do this, I allow form to become very flexible and to be guided by the Light–that which I truly Am.

Every day can be about refocusing in this way, and the benefits to you and all when you refocus in this way are innumerable. Nothing is more powerful than your ability to focus, and we thank you for making use of it.

Nonphysical beings of Light are always here, Beautiful One, right where you are, and they are always delighted to serve you. As you refocus on the light we offer, the guidance that is available, you serve us, too. Thank you for your service, and we are always here to serve you and all.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

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