You belong to everyone

You think of relationships as bodies together. Bodies together certainly do provide opportunities for the undoing of disturbed thought, but so does being what you would call alone. You are always united in thought and mind with all of your siblings across time and space. You’re always receiving and giving.

Every apparent encounter with another body is a divine encounter. You’re seeing a body, but you’re meeting the Whole of yourself, every time. This is like a hologram. In each apparently separate part resides the Whole. If you are willing to have this revealed to you, you will begin to see that all is not as it appears.

Everyone is playing a divine role, perfectly designed to escort you into awakening. Every situation is perfectly constructed for the undoing of what isn’t so you can begin to see and share what truly is.  What this seems like is less fearful and less fearful and less fearful perception. It results in what looks like more and more loving expression. And this, multiplied through time in healing, results in what you will see as a harmonious and loving world.

This, too, is an illusion. But the harmonious illusion means that you have allowed the dream to be taken over by what you truly are, what everyone else truly is.

You belong to everyone, and everyone belongs to you. You can’t get more intimate than that. So you’re already in the most intimate relationship there is, and it is a relationship with All. If you find yourself in body-to-body relationships, they serve you perfectly in awakening.

This means that it is no one’s job to please you. Your ego character is not a god, and no one should try to worship it or to try not to disturb it. They should definitely show up in their divine roles, doing exactly what they do, to help you find peace. If they appear to be disturbing you, they are putting you directly in touch with your deep desire for peace. When you want peace more than anything else, you will reach for it. It is always there, right in front of you. It’s just that you need to drop all judgment to see and accept it.

There is a lot of fuss and bother over which bodies you’re with, if you’re with the right ones, or maybe you want to be with those bodies over there. Look at the stories of lack embedded there. Look at the assumption that where I am right now is in the wrong place. Look at that disturbance that can only come from thought.

We’d like you to assume something: Where you are now, who you are with, whatever is happening–it is the perfect place for you. It is the perfect place to realize that you want guidance more than anything, more than what you think you want for a separate self, and you are willing to listen. Get curious. Get curious about what guidance will tell you to say, where it will tell you to go, what it will tell you to do. At first it’s subtle, and then it becomes very obvious. Then it’s not guidance at all. It’s just the flow in which you abide.

When you are wanting things, when you want a change, when you think you need something different, who is it that you are attempting to satisfy? Just question the thoughts that come up, and then see where you go. See what becomes obvious.

A disturbed or negative thought is actually a loving impulse coated in distortion. When you experience a disturbed thought, ask to see what is underneath, undisguised. Ask for assistance in clearing up your misperception. We are always here, and we are always willing to help you see clearly. The only way we ever do this is by taking away what you never needed–false perception. When you offer it up, we are able to remove it.

So offer it up to us today! It’s our job to take it away, and it is a delightful one. We love to serve you because you are our very own Self, and always very dear to us. The only thing you stand to lose is confusion as you seem to gain the remembrance of all that truly Is.

Photo by Carson Arias on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “You belong to everyone

  1. This is so beautiful and powerful.There are so many gems here – about being in the perfect place and how to move from asking for guidance to living in flow. I feel so, so, so blessed to read these words and pray for the wisdom to feel them within and be open to that guidance that will tear away all separation and bring blessings of sweet unity. Thank YOU, so so so much – and then some more. Is it wrong to pray this way and have such a desire?

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      1. Wow! Thank you – so beautiful. We just have to keep recognizing it every time, with every desire, remember it is signal for the ultimate longing – to be One. This really helps me. Thank YOU sooooo much. 🙂 Feel blessed and heart overflows with love and gratitude. 💛

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