Lessons in detachment

We encourage you to become detached from everything. Free yourself. You free yourself by accepting our assistance in perception correction. We correct your view of attachments in a way that allows you to release them.¬†Observe: You are already fundamentally attached to everything. You are everything. You can't get more intimate than that. So when you … Continue reading Lessons in detachment

The compass

I wanted to share krishnapriya108’s lovely poem inspired by https://lovesbeginning.com/2018/10/02/masters-remembering-mastery/ ūüíö

Blue Feet, Bamboo Flute

The compass of my mind has a choiceRelated image
Chaos or calm?
The compass of my heart has a choice
fear or love?
The compass of my hands have a choice
giving or hoarding?
The compass of my life has a choice
illusion or reality?

Each moment smiles
With an opportunity
A choice

Again and again I choose
love and peace
Again and again I forget
And then I am blessed again
To choose
To come back Home
To light, love and truth
A calm mind,
A loving heart
A blessed life in eternity

Inspired by post from Love’s Beginning here: https://lovesbeginning.com/2018/10/02/masters-remembering-mastery/

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama

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