You are dreaming of the past

Just a friendly reminder–you are not a body. You are Love, giving yourself an experience of communicating through a particular body in a world with particular bodies. All of this is made entirely of thought. You are wholly responsible for this experience as yourSelf–the one child of the creator (meaning all the selves unified), but you are never to blame. In giving yourSelf this experience, you have done precisely nothing, so there is nothing to blame, nothing that has gone wrong.

Also, this experience of inhabiting bodies is over, but the memory persists. In allowing yourself to be guided into awakening, you are led out of a focus on the past into the present, where All has always been well.

When you commit to awakening, the body is used as a communication tool to reunite yourself with yourSelf. Are you willing to allow the body to be used today? Are you willing to allow it to be employed by what you are (the full and unified Self) rather than a figment that can only exist in the past?

YourSelf can be communicated through every body you encounter. Whenever you encounter what you perceive to be another, that other has no true past, no set of characteristics to which you need to hold on. You need no memory of that one who seems other. All you need to know is that Love can be communicated through that one, too.  

There is something that feels like your own agenda, a separate self’s agenda, a separate self’s wants and needs. Those never feel peaceful. Simply allow yourself to feel. We are here to help you see through the separate self as if is transparent, not real. We are here to help you with this because the separate self is and never has been real.

When you’ve seen through what isn’t here, when you’ve seen through a memory, you are open to Love’s guidance. As harmonically differentiated aspects of Love with no need for a physical experience, it is our delight to guide you through what appears to be real but is only a dream. As you learn to walk through your dream taking responsibility for being the dreamer of it, Love can flow through you into the dream. A dream flooded with Love
is first transformed and then released.

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

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