Stage directions

You have two sets of stage directions available to you: directions from ego and directions from your Self. They feel different. Before you carry out ego’s directions,  you always have to attach to fear first. If you become very willing to feel how you’re feeling right now, willing to witness the process of your attachment to fear, you can play your role in the release of ego. You release your habitual attachment to fear, and we clear your perception.

We call these two voices stage directions to remind you that you are enacting a drama that started when time began. Time began because you wondered what not-harmony would be like. You are experiencing not-harmony in the only possible way–within an illusion. You could never really be where you think you are because where you think you are isn’t actually possible. You need thought to bring it into experience, and not just any thought–fearful thought. Right now you are experiencing not-harmony as a character. It doesn’t really matter what the character is. At any moment you can dedicate your role to the enactment that brings Harmony back into awareness and experience.

As you allow your perception to be cleared, you begin to hear the voice and feel the direction of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not other than what you are, not other than what we are. We are Holy and we are Spirit. That includes you. When you listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, you listen to your Self.

Ego directions immerse you in separation perception and need your willingness to attach to fear first, and then carry out the instructions. All you need to do is observe. You will discover that much of what you do comes because you attached to fear first. It’s shocking at first, to realize that you used conversation to cover up fear, activities of all kinds to cover up fear, opinions to cover up fear, and perceived conflict to cover up fear. If you are willing to see, most of what you do comes from fear.

But not all of it. Never all of it. So start there. There are some things that happen spontaneously, joyfully, and effortlessly. Start there and allow expansion. Your willingness to feel and to expose fear wherever it has been hiding, can seem like a horror movie at first. But remember that you have the assistance of all that you truly Are in exposing fear to the light. In the light, it cannot remain. In the presence of what truly Is, the light, fear (what isn’t and never has been) cannot be seen or experienced. You allow it to disappear before your eyes. You realize you have been habitually relying upon nothing. You have been pretending. And so you reach deeper for what is Real. That will be your guide.

Instructions from the Holy Spirit–for you are spirit and you are holy–involve no strain in their carrying out. Holy Spirit’s instructions emanate from our shared and harmonic Self. As you hear the instructions of the Holy Spirit more and more and carry them out, the temptation to attach to fear becomes less and less prominent. Eventually, it disappears altogether.

Your role is to notice fear when it is arising and to notice that attachment to fear is intentional. Then you become willing to accept perception correction because you can see that you are confused. You keep attaching to the cause of suffering, and you would like to stop. You would like to stop projecting suffering out as a world in an attempt to escape from suffering. You are ready for Reality. Reality is the harmony underneath all of the suffering, and it has been waiting for you all along. It comes through in glimmers, but you can bring it through all of the time. You can share it.

The more you intend to witness your willing attachment to fearful concepts preceding action, the more you get a chance to stop and listen for the other set of stage directions. When you listen for them in the absence of fear, you invite them to get louder. Have patience, be gentle, and know this is what time is for now. You first expose fear’s stage directions to make their source clear, and you do this through the very simple technology of feeling. Then, because you allow perception correction–the most important thing you can do all day–you can hear the stage directions of the harmonic Self, the Holy Spirit.

We are here with you during your most difficult moments of exposing the thought patterns you have been hiding. We are here. We never judge you, and we never leave you. We simply wait for the moment when you are ready to see everything differently. Your willingness to admit what you are feeling to yourself, and then to explore further to see what thoughts are associated with those feelings–that’s what saves the world. It is no small thing.

Photo by Rob Laughter on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Stage directions

  1. I realize that i have this fear that if i don’t suffer i will not grow – spiritually. Because i think only when i learn to transcend suffering will i live in truth. So for that purpose, i am actually attached to suffering. Isn’t that crazy? This is all an illusion, right? I have to get out of it by catching it, like you teach us. Thank you. Will try again! And again and again! Appreciate your insight on this. Thank you, sweet Julie.

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      1. Oh! i thought it was only me who does this! Ok, i guess i just have to keep trying and trying. But there is hope, in love, in our Holy Spirit and in your wonderful words! Thank You. 💛 Again and again. 🌹

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