Talk: Seeing and hearing our guides

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The essential nature of everyone There are many ways to receive guidance. In some cases, writing down what is heard can help to keep the channel open. In other cases, walking or another activity can help keep the channel open. Activity will be used by Spirit as it is appropriate. The point is, is that a channel opens, and … Continue reading The essential nature of everyone

Specific answers When you find you have wandered off the path of joy, it is appropriate to ask for help, abundant help. We offer you this:Show me how to allow the unhappy illusion to leave. Place yourself in a state of openness to the abundant assistance that is always here for all. You never have to … Continue reading Specific answers

Let’s break it down In order to keep the experience of suffering going, you must believe that it is possible for you and others to do wrong. When you identify with the false self, and when you see any "other" as their false self, you have an objective, and that objective is to keep suffering going. Suffering is … Continue reading Let’s break it down

No separate meaning or value Each day is a chance for the deep, dark horror of your most secret thoughts to be revealed. There is a layer of thinking underneath those surface thoughts that is vicious and terrifying, but it's only terrifying if you do not know how to look at those thoughts. We are looking upon those thoughts … Continue reading No separate meaning or value

Dancing with all beings You will be guided. Have faith in this. You will be shown what to do. You will be provided with whatever words are called for when words are useful. Rest fully in this. Your faith belongs in the guidance that leads you. Your faith belongs in the True Being of everyone you meet, in … Continue reading Dancing with all beings

Stay at Home in guidance Trust the invisible. The physical world is all about trusting what the senses tell you. Your sensory experiences are just effects--just what thoughts told you to experience. They are not because of any other effects in the world. Your senses break a world up into distinct parts, and then ego tells you how all … Continue reading Stay at Home in guidance

Looking past the surface Guidance is always available to you. Know this without fail. Guidance is always here for you, and it is never absent. Sometimes you choose to obscure it, and waking up is all about ceasing those efforts to obscure what is True and what is Real. In your journey toward full awakening, you will experience … Continue reading Looking past the surface