Temporary temple

We encourage you to make feeling primary, to be aware of what you feel. Once you know how you feel, what then? When you become aware of a feeling that weighs you down, you must have a remedy at hand. Otherwise, you will attempt to ease the dis-ease by blaming or lamenting the lack of an aspect of the illusion, and that keeps reliance on ego going. To interrupt ego patterns many times a day is to usher in a beautiful awareness that you can share with your divine siblings.

When you are aware of any contraction or heaviness, go then immediately to your willingness. When you go to your willingness to receive correction, you go to God. When you go to God, you move right through the illusion to what you Are. You are abiding at Home. This is where you have always been, always safe, always cherished, and  you have returned your awareness there. While you are there, look about. All of your divine siblings are there, too. This is their true Home and where they have always been abiding.

When It is time to receive teaching, and you know it is time based on how you feel,  you need a settled moment of focus. To move past illusion and focus on True Identity, you need a temporary temple in which this teaching can be received. It’s an ever-present sanctuary to which you can return whenever you have need of it.

This always-accessible temple is just one moment of inward focus. Just one prayerful breath. You only need a moment. You have succeeded because you have interrupted ego. When you interrupt ego, you set fear down. This is always a great triumph. You do much when you interrupt ego. As interrupting ego gets easier for you, you silently and lovingly share this ability with your fellows across time and space. Interrupting your own egoic patterns is a very loving action.

When you interrupt ego, what are you focusing upon? What you Are. Peace. You have just cut through an attachment to suffering to recognize Reality. If you do this many times a day, the attachment to suffering will get weaker. As you have some success in interrupting egoic thought patterns, as you learn to spend successive moments focusing upon what you Are, ego will cast out stronger lures to get your attention back on the illusion. Simply notice. These stronger lures are designed to get your attention and to cause you to judge. If you succumb to temptation, laugh and go to your temple. Spend a moment there in contemplation. Nothing can be stronger than what you Are and always have been.

We rejoice to see you recognizing your true strength, and we rejoice again when we see you sharing the awareness of it with your innocent siblings. You may speak of it, but the telepathic sharing is immediate and very beautiful.

Photo by Valentina Yoga on Unsplash

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