Seeing through bodies

You seem to be a body, but you are not a body. There seem to be other people walking around, but they are not people. So you are not a body, and you are not a person. You are a being. All others are beings, and all being is shared. In this world, physical sight is used to recognize bodies called persons. The bodies are forms. You can look through the form to the Reality of what animates it. You can invite the Reality of Love out to play in your experience simply by knowing it is always there to be accessed.

The body is a communication device that can be used to extend love, and nothing but love. This is the only worthwhile purpose for a body, and the only purpose that will bring the being that seems to operate the body back to the happiness that is its nature.

In order to extend love, and nothing but love, you must suspend judgment of all other bodies. The bodies are not real, after all. They are facades. The beings are real, and the beings are harmonious. Isn’t that fascinating in this world of seeming conflict? Behind every body is a harmonious being–a being who has always existed in harmony. Knowing this, it becomes natural to interact in ways that remind beings of their true nature, their right-now home in the Love that they are.

We invite you to look through the bodies to the Christ. When we say this, we mean to look through the bodies to the harmonious beings. Christ is not Jesus’ last name. Christ, if you will look at it visually, is the intersection of everyone and everything. Look at the symbol of the crucifix. If you are looking at a body nailed to a cross, you see a representation of suffering. If you look through the body to the symbol, you see two intersecting lines. You could call these lines everyone and everything. You could also call them time and space. Look at where they intersect. Now put a body back on the image. There’s the heart space. The intersection of everyone and everything is in the heart space. It’s love, and love is all there is. All else is illusion.

So when we invite you to look through bodies to the Christ, we invite you to abide in the awareness of our Oneness. When you hang out here, it’s obvious that egoic thoughts are untrue. When you are emerging from body-identification back into the awareness of shared being, there are three stages you go through:
1. You hear egoic thought, and you believe egoic thought. You cannot distinguish egoic/fearful thought from loving thought. You find them equally valuable.
2. You hear egoic thought, but you don’t always believe it. You understand the difference between loving thought and fearful thought. You begin to trust loving thought as your guide. You begin to hear more loving thoughts and fewer egoic thoughts.
3. You don’t hear egoic thought. Love guides everything.

In order to experience the reality of what you are, you must see through the form to the Love shining through it. When you are willing to see all beings as they are, you are willing to see their strength, grace, truth, beauty and power. There are no exceptions to this. All have the same qualities because all are One. If you don’t witness those qualities in the person, it’s because being is the level on which you witness those qualities.

If you are witnessing strength in a world that also demonstrates its opposite of weakness, that’s not true strength. Strength is always shared, and shared equally. Think of what you have yet to see! It is very beautiful, we promise you. Are you willing to see through bodies today? It is always our delight to assist you.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 19 – I invite the light out to play

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