Turning down the volume on ego thoughts

When you think you want something, pause for a moment. There is something you already have, something you can see and accept. When you tune in more and more to what you are, to what you already have, striving toward something or fleeing away from something begin to lose their meaning, their allure. When you … Continue reading Turning down the volume on ego thoughts

Flow with us

You give up nothing in giving up reliance on ego. Ego is nothing. It seems like something, and that is the basis of separation perception, judgment and reactiveness. When you ask to see truly, you ask to see beyond your current reliance on ego. To ask to see truly is to express a willingness to … Continue reading Flow with us

You chose a simulation

Allow us to tell you a story about what you didn't do. It's just a story. You wondered what not-joy would be like, and then time and space were born. When you perceived the limits of time and space, you panicked. Panicking was never possible outside this simulation. Just after you panicked, you began to … Continue reading You chose a simulation

Allow the voice of disturbance to melt

We invite you to use the breath today. Use one conscious breath whenever you feel disturbed. Ask, "What is your will for me?" Just ask the question. That is all that is needed. And see what comes in the wake of that. You seem to refer to a false will, an insecure will to guide … Continue reading Allow the voice of disturbance to melt

Communicating with the Reality of all

More and more, I'm invited to see through personalities and to focus on beings. https://youtu.be/lNCXqG3ObY0 These are the blog posts I referred to: Practical reasons not to commit murder Falling in love: A response to murder Photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash

Walk through fear to Joy

To recognize Divine Will is to face fear. The only fear you could truly have is of love. Every fear you have is about the punishment you believe you will suffer because you have done something wrong. You can only think something can go wrong if you think you did wrong and the anticipated negative … Continue reading Walk through fear to Joy

Remembering our shared innocence

We invite you to become aware of things you seem to want in this world. If you want chocolate or a nap or thousands of dollars, that is fine. Just don't get attached to the idea that these seemingly separate things mean too much, however. We invite you to turn all concepts of this nature … Continue reading Remembering our shared innocence

Look at resistance to find the Flow

Effortlessness. Flow. The flow feels wonderful. The flow promotes the highest good and supports all of your divine siblings. Then, in seeming contrast to that, there are feelings of resistance. We encourage you to own this resistance as it shows up. Say to yourself, "I chose to resist what I Am in an attempt to … Continue reading Look at resistance to find the Flow

En français

If you speak French, a Canadian site, Messages Célestes,  has translated some of my posts. It tickles me because the posts get so many views compared to my small audience here. Although I am not fluent, I loved studying and speaking French (or any language, actually), so I love that I now often have more … Continue reading En français

What is your will for me?

What is your will for me? We encourage you to ask this many times today, and notice where ego pops up in resistance. Where does anything pop up that doesn't want to be told what to do? Where does anything pop up that wants to be in charge? Just watch, and allow it to dry … Continue reading What is your will for me?