Unsubscribing from ego

We will focus on the two thought systems today. You are collectively making an experience of duality. A collective experience of duality requires an attachment to fear. In order to experience each other as separate and conflicted, you must attach to thoughts suggested to you by ego.

Loving thoughts, representing reality, are always available to you. Those are found seemingly underneath egoic thoughts. You usually trust fear to run things, if you notice the quality of your thoughts. If you give ego thoughts a listen, feel the tension of them, and know that there is something else more reliable underneath, you will start to hear loving thoughts more and more. Loving thoughts lead to effortless, loving action.

We’d like to take a look at enacting loving roles. Allowing loving expression has nothing to do with trying to be loving. Trying to be loving comes from a fearful thought about being inadequate and needing to pretend. If you notice, there is tension and stress there. Noticing how you feel will always reveal what is going on. Are you believing lies or not? If you feel anything less than peace, you are believing the lies ego suggests to you. Ego suggests that you build a whole separate identity out of these lies, these limitations.

You hear the ego thoughts first because you have believed them. Notice that they are not your thoughts. They are thoughts that get suggested to you, and you believe them. There is always tension associated with believing an ego thought. As you get more and more willing to feel, you become very sensitive to tension, and you know when you turn away from lies.

Part of the journey to awakening includes realizing how unreliable ego thoughts are.  Once you start to recognize this, you return them to sender. You give them a listen, understand that they are lies and they are irrelevant, and you don’t attach. You realize that it’s not in your best interest or in anyone else’s to attach to thoughts that are not true. There are true thoughts, and they emerge when you are not preoccupied with ego thoughts.

Loving thoughts guide you effortlessly through life. When you understand this, ego thoughts lose their appeal. When all ego thoughts are returned to sender, you’ve unsubscribed. You don’t hear thoughts sent from ego anymore.

You know ego thoughts by how you feel. If you are not feeling good, you have believed an ego thought. Pay attention to how you feel and remember that the loving thoughts emerge when the ego thoughts are cleared out of the way. You clear the ego thoughts by questioning your belief in them.

We always offer the healing that will ease the process for you, and we remind you that you can access it in the space of a breath. Allow us to help you release egoic thought as you gain access to loving thought and its effortless expression.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 20 – Return egoic thought to sender using Spiri

7 thoughts on “Unsubscribing from ego

    1. What a beautiful lesson your comment was! I looked at it, not realizing the post it came from, and ego suggested, “Oh, no! What have I done?” as an appropriate response.

      Laughing and learning. Thank you! 🙏💜

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