Just for a moment, forget

https://youtu.be/9S6Bf3JzIcM Ego can, for a limited time, blot out your sense that you feel lost. Ego can give you a temporary sense of satisfaction from identifying as something specific, but that's going to necessarily mean that you are going to identify perceived others as the opposite. After the temporary satisfaction from a particular identification has … Continue reading Just for a moment, forget

Deep into the blessing

https://youtu.be/F7wPbgjXKKE Everyone is the formless. Think about this whenever you are looking at a form and believing that it is something. It is a representation. It has something to teach you. But you are not form, and neither is anyone else. Allow, then, all of the forms you seem to see and experience to teach … Continue reading Deep into the blessing

Seeing radiance

https://youtu.be/RWoArOhdIDs Look at the constellation of characters all around you in the drama you are experiencing. This drama is a means to return you Home, so consider it a journey. On this journey, you will recognize that you value separate aspects of each character. You will learn to stop requesting or relying upon what you … Continue reading Seeing radiance