Seeing radiance

Look at the constellation of characters all around you in the drama you are experiencing. This drama is a means to return you Home, so consider it a journey. On this journey, you will recognize that you value separate aspects of each character. You will learn to stop requesting or relying upon what you think of as the “good points” of each character, thereby freeing them up to show up for you in any way at all. When you free them, you free yourself. When you don’t rely upon specific gifts coming from specific characters, you open up the conduits for all gifts to flow to all. That includes you.

Notice what you think you want to get from other characters–love, approval, attention, material abundance. There seem to be specific good things that you seem to need to acquire or keep. Look under the surface of the struggle of this drama. Here is the inner radiance shared by all. Here is the light you all are and have always been together. You are undergoing the process of substitution. Instead of looking to the surface of characters and what you think they offer you, you are learning to look to our shared radiance for everything. You are learning to allow our shared radiance to shine forth from every character and every circumstance, no matter what ego may be telling you about seen-as-separate characters and circumstances.

As our shared radiance gains in meaning and significance, the ego’s thoughts fade into insignificance and meaninglessness. The power of ego’s thoughts to gain and keep your attention gets weaker and weaker. The more you look toward what is real, the more the unreal loses its perceived ability to harm.

Your willingness to allow perfection to shine forth from our unified being through every character, circumstance, and event is what frees you. Whenever you experience disturbance during your day, it is because of the presence of a belief. You feel disturbed because you believe that some separate aspect of unreality can offer you freedom. Learn to stop when you feel disturbed. Learn to acknowledge that you feel disturbed because you are looking for freedom in the wrong place. Learn to rest in your willingness to be redirected.

Here is a song that can help you as you rest in the willingness to be redirected:

This song points to regret, remorse, and love. If it strikes any chord in you, it highlights where you are attached to ideas that you have something to regret, that you have done something wrong. It points to guilt–the reason time and space seemed to come into being. I also points to the love that is still present.

It is a great service to have these chords struck, to have these attachments to untrue thoughts highlighted for you. Every time you are shown by pain exactly where you are holding onto what is useless and meaningless, you can agree to let go. You can rest–clean, innocent, easy, open. You can await instruction from your True Self as the false self loses meaning and fades away.

It is easy to begin with a poignant song that can evoke sadness and regret. It is easy to see the service there. Now go to the sad person. Now go to the sad event. They strike chords, too. They show you, too. Go to your gratitude for how the song exposed your attachment to lies and pain, your gratitude for the release of what you have used to block love. Now go to your gratitude for the same function performed by the appearance of a sad person, by the appearance of a sad event. Seen in that light, you do not have to ask for the person to appear as not-sad. You do not have to ask the event to appear as not-sad. You can simply agree to release the lies that get highlighted for you. You can rest simply in gratitude.

A sad yet loving song exposes and undoes, and so does the sad person or event. The love is underneath the surface, waiting patiently to be discovered. If you decide the surface is sad, and then judge it, you delay the opportunity to discover and accept the love that is present. It is exactly the same when you seem to see one who is angry person. The being offers a blessing underneath the surface of the anger, and if you know to be open to it, you help the being to see the blessing, too.

None of this requires judgment–only a willingness to see, an openness to seeing that anything bringing up reactiveness in you is a reflection of your own thinking, and your gratitude. Everything is a blessing. Everything is a reflection. Everything you encounter–every person, every seemingly separate thing, every event–it all assists you on the pathway to release and freedom.

Each time you observe a series of agitated, tense thoughts in your mind, stop as soon as possible. Stop because you are greedy. Stop because you want a gift. We promise you that whenever you notice a string of tense thoughts, there is a gift immediately available to you. So get greedy. Gather your gifts. When you see the opportunity to release distorted beliefs, gifts from Spirit come rushing in. Those who see and feel the abundance from Spirit give to all easily and generously, happy that this abundance is available to all right now.

You give in thought. You give in your ability to see all those you call other as beautiful and blessed. You give in your willingness to see how everyone, without exception, is helping everyone else. And as you give, you receive.

We bask in the joy of simultaneous giving and receiving, and we thank you for your abundant and unending gifts to us. As the light, you are abundant and unending. This is our great joy, because it means that we are the same.

Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash

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