Walk with Love through your mind

A girl from high school that I thought I didn’t like–she was instrumental in my receiving this message. I had to get past my own grim certainty about her (like furniture in the way) before I could hear it. It is easy to be grateful for this message, so it is easy to be grateful for her help.

You have to walk with Spirit through the really sludgy and resistant parts of your mind to set the concepts free. You know you have entered the sludge when you feel a strong reactivity. You can get lost in the story of it, the seeming reason why you react, but that is just a distraction. The celebration here is that you are looking upon a sludgy part of mind, and this is your opportunity to ask for help and to allow light to shine upon, dissolve, and shine through the sludge.

In truth, there is only light. Look upon the concepts that seem to block or interrupt the light, remembering that they are not real, and they are not your true thoughts. Make the light more important than any concept that would block it. We promise that any concept blocking light is one to which you attached. No one attached for you. This is very good news, because what you attached to and made real in your sight, you can let go of and allow to disappear or transform.

If the past comes to mind (and this includes the past of one minute ago), it is a concept of pain enchained, asking to be set free. When you are focusing upon the past, is is like reaching behind you for what you need when everything is right here. More and more, you will understand that to allow your focus to remain in the here and now is to allow yourself to be given every tool you need. Everything you accept for yourself, you are able to share with all others.

Any present point of pain is based upon a grim certainty entombed within the mind. Use this idea only upon yourself–not upon any one you would call other. This idea is useful to yourself. If you focus upon a pain that seems to be out there, you ignore the pain that the projection outward is meant to disguise. Allow your pain to be healed, and all things are solved in this way. In the absence of pain of any kind, there is clarity and guidance. Focus inward to what is prior to all pain–everything you need is given from there.

Grim certainties of pain enchained project a world of strife. Your job is to stop clinging to grim certainties about anyone or anything, despite any evidence that tries to make illusion real. All of time and space is an illusion. No grim certainty can be real. You are real. All those you call other–they are real. In your innocent unity–you are real. No grim certainty can touch this innocent unity. When you focus inward to what is prior to all pain, you look upon this innocent unity, and from here you receive gifts that relieve, sustain, and uplift.

You set others free by allowing yourself to be set free. You allow yourself to be set free through a walk through your mind with Spirit–with Love. Learn to walk with Love in this way, and you walk with Love everywhere your physical feet seem to go–no exceptions. As you seem to walk through this world of illusion, you are walking through your mind. Make every moment of this walk about healing, and you invite a healing you can share with all. You can share this healing easily with all because you are unified, and nothing can ever touch or damage this unity.

We are blessed to be in union with you, and we thank you for your willingness to remember your union with all.

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