Waiting for Love’s answer

https://youtu.be/9U8emfenWKY Playing the part of a human in a healing drama, you're going to run into situations in which answers or responses are called for. Remember this: The answer is always simple. Your answer, in any situation that seems to require one, can come from illusion or from Truth. Ask to be guided toward Truth … Continue reading Waiting for Love’s answer

The simplicity and power of Love

https://youtu.be/ffow6zdtnoE Love is here. In every situation you experience, you are standing upon a foundation of Love so stable and so deep that it is without end. This abundant well is always there for you to dip into. Ego tells you that situations in all of their configurations have so much significance and weight, have … Continue reading The simplicity and power of Love

Focus upon the foundation

All that is experienced is a phenomenon of mind. There is the back-and-forth chatter of what you consider to be your separate mind, and then there is the collective chatter of what you experience as the shared mind. You have access to all of this information, but in a sort of worship of personhood, you … Continue reading Focus upon the foundation

Standing in the stillness

Today we invite you into noticing one moment of resistance--just one beautiful moment of resistance. It is very beautiful when it is seen for what it is. Are you willing to see it sparkling, to take apart all of its components? What happens when you don't resist? There is a beautiful discovery waiting for you … Continue reading Standing in the stillness