A loving constellation is a living constellation

https://youtu.be/BIrGZ2fldSI Instead of depending on the perception of separate others, you can depend on God. God can inspire all, so what you see is a loving constellation. You are accustomed to depending upon your own perception, the one you invented, the one that can only come from disorder. You perceive nothing real, and you keep … Continue reading A loving constellation is a living constellation

Follow love in all things

https://youtu.be/NALC_urI0fY I was given this song to start with: https://youtu.be/whmzEXywq40 There is less and less for you to do. It just gets done. Your way is obvious. Your path is clear. No matter how many complications seem to clutter up your pathway, presence dissolves each one. There is nothing for you to manage because your … Continue reading Follow love in all things

Finding love of Self

My thanks to a reader for their question about learning how to love oneself ๐Ÿ’š Also, to understand today's photo, look for the spiderweb. It's there, but you might not notice it at first. This is all about noticing what is here but not prominent in our sight yet ๐Ÿ•ธ https://youtu.be/b1lngk9kwCw You learn to love … Continue reading Finding love of Self

Judge or emerge

https://youtu.be/URbpCWwiLQo You can judge the story you are living or the story someone else seems to be living, or you can see everyone emerge from the stories. You can yearn after the positive side stories seem to present, or you can look past all false exteriors, whether they seem to be positive or negative, to … Continue reading Judge or emerge

The extension of Love that you allow, the extension of Love that you Are

https://youtu.be/V88OXhLznTM Time and space can be experienced as the projection of fearful thought or the extension of loving thought. You know which you are experiencing by how you feel. If you notice that you are experiencing the projection of fearful thought, remember that you are never condemned or stuck. You need only to look at … Continue reading The extension of Love that you allow, the extension of Love that you Are

Walk with Love through your mind

https://youtu.be/yLDj_UFa--8 A girl from high school that I thought I didn't like--she was instrumental in my receiving this message. I had to get past my own grim certainty about her (like furniture in the way) before I could hear it. It is easy to be grateful for this message, so it is easy to be … Continue reading Walk with Love through your mind

Someday is Now

So this is a little different. I was receiving a message for the lovely Sue when this song came to me and was hanging around for a couple of days. Just before I sent Sue's message, I got a tap on the shoulder to send it to her. I thought it was over, and then … Continue reading Someday is Now

Discovering love

https://youtu.be/3eBfdVIWgPs It is not what you do that makes you lovable. Ego will have you striving to become something that is lovable--something that you can love, something that others can love. What you don't know when you are listening to ego is that you have already arrived. You Are love itself, and nothing can change … Continue reading Discovering love