If it’s loving, you can keep it

https://youtu.be/OvK1nZz_FVA In all relationships, you are called to deep mind clearing about each other. Your experience with the one you call other brings forth opportunities to rest in the joy you both are. It calls forth opportunities to see exactly where you think yourself into limit and suffering. Both functions are useful--the reminder of who … Continue reading If it’s loving, you can keep it

All in Accord

Thanks to the delightful reader who helped me by asking about habit, and gratitude for his generosity in sharing the message. *** https://youtu.be/s6W2XKnuW8A Anywhere you feel resistance or judgment, it's an opportunity to agree to new perception. Resistance and judgment is the tug of the old. Respond by asking for new perception. The feeling of … Continue reading All in Accord

Ask to see Scott Hotalen as he Is

https://youtu.be/NtRqrkUwDeY Thanks to my friend Scott Hotalen, who invites me to mention him. Let's look at personal interaction. Personal interaction seems to be from one to another, across the space between them. You perceive a gap between what you call you and what you call the other. This perceived space, this sense of otherness, is … Continue reading Ask to see Scott Hotalen as he Is

All reside in the Benefit

https://youtu.be/YbhVSK0Zmpg I received the outline of this message yesterday, and then later in the day I became aware of an event--a concert at which people died. As I prepared to receive the whole message this morning, the image of the concert came to me (entirely in mind's eye, haven't actually seen any footage), and I … Continue reading All reside in the Benefit

A Course in Forgetting: The fearless

https://youtu.be/hDag_whROQk Another section of the book came. The book is a shared document, so you are welcome to add, edit, and delete. One morning recently, I saw a slim volume with small sections of text on one side of the page, and images on the other. If you feel moved to post images in the … Continue reading A Course in Forgetting: The fearless

Remember the gift you Are

This message was requested by a reader who allowed me to share it. Thanks for sharing! https://youtu.be/KKVVSBnD_S4 Wherever you seem to bring yourself, you're bringing a gift. This tradition of bringing a gift to the hostess of a party, it is only a reflection of the true gift you bring. You can never bring a … Continue reading Remember the gift you Are