You believe the thoughts they express

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People who argue with you are presenting you with the thoughts you believe. We know it seems as if you believe opposite thoughts, but really–what’s the difference? All of the opposing thoughts are about an illusion, not a reality. Look a little deeper, though. Let’s say that someone is adamantly insisting that the world is flat. They are insisting that the world is a shape and that it is real. This is what you believe. You can stop a moment with this. The only things you can argue about are illusions that you believe are real. When you step back, you can release out of this.

If you can step back to see how you believe the thoughts they are expressing, you can accept the gift that is here for you. Let’s say that it seems someone is expressing forcefully toward you about environmental pollution. Any resistance you feel indicates that you believe harm is real. They are not wrong or right. They are helping you feel that you believe harm, whether it’s the harm of pollution or the harm of an attitude, is real. Without feeling, you wouldn’t know what you believe. So you don’t need to help them understand that they are wrong or right. They can’t ever be wrong or right about an illusion, but you don’t have to tell them that.

When someone expresses forcefully toward you, you are being given an opportunity to find a root belief and to step back out of it. If you are just patient with them, believing that they are wrong or deluded, you miss your opportunity. When you see them as your teacher who is helping you, you remain joined with them. When you step away to know more than they do, you reinforce your belief that separate identity is real. Everyone in this dream helps you. There are no exceptions. This is the way out of the dream.

The gift that is here for you is here for the one you are speaking with. It is the gift of release. It is the gift of the spell being broken. If you can step back and accept the gift they are giving you, you give a gift. You share a gift. You are here to give gifts and to recognize that everyone brings you a gift.

With presence, there is no attack, no sorting, and no comparing. There is only opportunity for awareness of freedom. When it looks as though someone is coming at you with attack, it is your opportunity to notice that you are keeping the option of attack in your back pocket in case you need it. What if you don’t need attack as an option anymore?

Step back. Find the thought this encounter highlights. Set it down. Accept the gift. Share the gift. The spell is broken. There is no one who can harm you. You don’t have to be so quick to be so certain that harm has taken place.

When no attack actually exists, you are very safe always. When it looks as though attack is coming at you or moving in the direction of another, you get an opportunity to notice your devotion to seeing attack. “I like attack. I am seeing attack. I think attack is necessary. The sight of attack gives me a very satisfying sense of oppositional identity, of my identity as separate from another.” Find these thoughts. To accept that another is attacking is to keep these thoughts and to wait for another opportunity to let them go.

Gifts abound, and we are always happy to help you see them.

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