Beyond the distraction to the answer

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The journey back to yourself can feel like a progressive peeling back of all of the layers of defense that you see as useful. So with each step you take toward peace, you face a piece of yourself that believes that to turn toward peace is to turn toward destruction. The idea that to turn toward peace is destruction is very disturbing, but ego has a solution to that. Ego’s solution is distraction.

Look out into the world and out into your life and see all the distracting situations put in place in order to cover over your belief that to turn toward peace is to turn toward destruction. You reclaim the power that is truly yours, power with instead of imaginary power over, when you consistently face this belief instead of looking toward one of your distractions and believing it is real. Whether it takes the shape of a war or an illness, one is not more real than another. They are imagined with one purpose–distraction.

We can set all distractions aside today–all of the distractions that no one “else” ever imposed upon you, all of the distractions that always show up to cover over beliefs. We can just look underneath the distractions, and what have we here? Here is your belief: To turn toward peace is to turn toward destruction.

Let us make this perfectly clear. You do not turn toward peace in a world where others lesser than you do not have it in them to turn toward peace. You turn toward peace as one because it is perfectly obvious to you that you are and always have been one. Everyone and everything is joined eternally with you, and that joining is the most real thing about all of you. One of you cannot reach Home before the other. Everyone and everything you see is the same thing. You see all the separate components either as projections of the fear you cling to or as extensions of the Love that you Are and always have been. What you see is always up to you. Where you look is always up to you.

As you wake up to the fact that fear is always projected by you, you understand that the next defense you face is first perceived as useful and necessary before it is recognized as nothing at all. You often try to turn around and run backwards, away from facing layers of your own fear, because that seems like a better option than letting the defense go. You don’t get too far along the path, though, before you can feel how awful trying to run back to see fear or defect in others feels. Inevitably, you’re going to continue on and face the foundation of the fear that seems so useful. We are always here as you walk toward fear’s foundation, and we wait patiently when you try to run away.

Imagine you’re someone who no one can idolize or demonize. Now imagine all you see or think of in just that same way. You cannot idolize them, and you cannot demonize them. Where can fear attach now? Fear is actually nothing, but you have imagined it, and it does seem real. How you feel always tells you when you are believing fear is real. You try to see the fear outside of yourself, in those others you have imagined, but it is not truly there. Face it at its source. Its source is always within you if it is perceived at all. You wanted to perceive separate things in opposition to one another, and you needed the imaginary tool of fear to make the impossibility of opposition seem real.

When you look out there at the cast of billions, and you know you cannot idolize or demonize any of them, where does that leave you? It leaves you here, not idolized or demonized. It leaves you equal. It leaves you in peace. From this foundation, what guides you? It cannot be an aspect of that back and forth that has been entirely imagined. It must be something real. What can attack you? If all of this is imagined, what real thing can attack you or anyone you call else? Go very deeply into this, and you rest in what is reliable.

If your day is not navigated by and with judgments ego sends, then what navigates your day? Why don’t you find out? The judgments ego sends–they are familiar. You know how they feel. We ask that you set them aside clinically, dispassionately. They are nothing at all. And now wait for what is real to steer. You are Here, and what is Real steers. Learn to wait in this way, knowing you will be answered.

It is our joy to walk with you to the answering place, and to wait with you as the answer comes. Let this be a place of happy thanksgiving for us all.

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