Filters are not real You can also listen on Spotify & Rumble ✨ Space-time is a filter. Just like a filter on Instagram, the filter of space-time alters what you see. You recognize that filters are not real, and you also have the opportunity to recognize that the filter of space-time is not real. The filter of space-time … Continue reading Filters are not real

Shared with everything

You can now listen to Love's Beginning messages on Rumble (below) as well as on YouTube & Spotify πŸ’š Shared with everything on Rumble Ego offers a mechanism for what it calls understanding. Ego offers you pieces to put together, and judgments about each one of these pieces. Once the ego has put together … Continue reading Shared with everything

Enoughness You could say something about a facade. You could make something of a facade. Or you could look under any facade to find the same thing everywhere. The facade is what ego judges. As you learn that all significance shines under the facade, you remember to focus upon what is Real and shared. … Continue reading Enoughness

Talk: Seeing and hearing our guides

We can come to you through absolutely everything πŸ’š Thank you to Samantha for requesting this topic 🌸 Request a topic

The remembrances available to you Ego's version of safety is withdrawal into separate and comparative identity. When you feel any tension, you have surrounded yourself with this fiction, this perception of separate and comparative identity. From within this tension, you can access your willingness. Your willingness is the spark of light within you and all that can never … Continue reading The remembrances available to you

Relaxing out of separate self stories We grant you the gift of moving through all experience with nonresistance. You never have a good reason to use the defense of resistance. What is right here for you always--this can handle every perceived situation easily. There is no need for the brittleness and heaviness of resistance. When you are in resistance to … Continue reading Relaxing out of separate self stories

The extension of our shared identity The things that trouble you most about others are your projections. They are what you want to see. We're going to give it to you straight. Everything that you think is unfortunate, that you think you'd rather not see--you see it because you want to see it. As you become more aware of egoic … Continue reading The extension of our shared identity