Repost: Dance with other minds

I'm still going to receive a message today, but I felt drawn to this one first and wanted to share. I just noticed that I received it almost exactly a year ago. Two days after that, there was a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. This perspective really helped me see the opportunity we have when … Continue reading Repost: Dance with other minds

The journey toward mass healing

When you're desiring any phenomenal thing, you're actually desiring the healing that brings peace. Say this to yourself today when you think you want anything at all: I see that I seem to want something. I can see this as an invitation to healing. I am willing to accept healed perception. And then go about your business. … Continue reading The journey toward mass healing

Waking up to mesmerism

Awakening is largely a process of taking out the garbage. You have attached to many seemingly separate concepts you don't need, and they get projected out as the world you experience. The world you see and experience is a reflection of these concepts. When you see that your attachment to back and forth concepts keeps … Continue reading Waking up to mesmerism

Questioning the illusion

Today we focus upon your willingness to release the old, to let go of habits, to see things differently because you are looking upon what is Real. We're going to take a slow and careful look at what happens when you don't feel good and why this alert system of feeling is a very good … Continue reading Questioning the illusion

Temporary temple

We encourage you to make feeling primary, to be aware of what you feel. Once you know how you feel, what then? When you become aware of a feeling that weighs you down, you must have a remedy at hand. Otherwise, you will attempt to ease the dis-ease by blaming or lamenting the lack of … Continue reading Temporary temple

Stage directions

You have two sets of stage directions available to you: directions from ego and directions from your Self. They feel different. Before you carry out ego's directions,  you always have to attach to fear first. If you become very willing to feel how you're feeling right now, willing to witness the process of your attachment … Continue reading Stage directions

Looking through ego to Reality

Look at when you place value on separate minds and their attributes. They are all imaginary, and when you do this you are living in an imaginary world. Notice what you think is real today. Notice what you give the power to help or to harm. Just look. Notice how thoughts and assumptions construct the … Continue reading Looking through ego to Reality

Always at Home

To really connect with your divine sibling, you must watch the tendency to want to be right. If you allow us to correct perception whenever this feeling arises, you will be choosing happiness over domination, unity over separation. Feel how the idea of being right is attached to the idea that all is not well. … Continue reading Always at Home

Look right through the personality

Are you willing join in communion, in true communication, with everyone you meet? Every meeting with every being, whether it occurs in the physical or in thought, when someone comes to mind, is the opportunity for deeper awareness of the Love you are. Celebrate and bless these opportunities. If you are willing to enter into … Continue reading Look right through the personality