Spirit will make it obvious

https://youtu.be/9wWABXEOCqk This is your opportunity to allow Spirit to lift burdens from you. While you seem to be in a place, experiencing time, "this" is every moment. The highest purpose of every moment is to allow the lifting of burdens. Think of burdens in terms of carrying. You think you carry responsibilities. You think you … Continue reading Spirit will make it obvious

I thank you and I bless you

https://youtu.be/5d1lsnujJeQ We wish to emphasize to you the importance of the mind-to-mind connection you have with all beings across time and space. Your mind-to-mind connection is what joins you, and you can only be joined by love. We say that the connection is mind-to-mind, because this terminology serves you best at this point. However, there … Continue reading I thank you and I bless you

A trail of Light

https://youtu.be/5mQnUEjd6lU You are looking at a past enactment of a tiny, mad idea. (Julie's note: This is a direct reference to A Course in Miracles.) All physical vision is about witnessing the impossible, the idea that you could separate successfully from the presence of God, from the will of God. When you feel disturbance of … Continue reading A trail of Light

The discomfort of an invention

https://youtu.be/9HG8_eImQUk There is only one way you truly want to go. You want to go Home. You want to go to Peace. The only reason you think you want anything in this world is that you think you will find peace in the having of it. If you want peace, that means that you must … Continue reading The discomfort of an invention

Blocking the sun

https://youtu.be/qGvV2rUDD-4 Ego is going to keep functioning as you programmed it to function, but as you see that the thoughts it sends you have zero meaning, it cannot steer you. You have to believe ego's thoughts in order to allow it to steer you, to take you on a trip through fantasy. Be not at … Continue reading Blocking the sun

You need not judge any aspect of an unreal world

https://youtu.be/dboi2o4SPy8 We wish to speak with you today about vulnerability. You can look at vulnerability two ways for the purposes of this conversation. Ego will tell you that you are vulnerable when you begin to question ego, so there is the perception of vulnerability as a danger that ego tries to sell you. Then there … Continue reading You need not judge any aspect of an unreal world

Certainty in the Light

https://youtu.be/mBvJA3KXVWQ Perfection just is. You cannot find it in a world. We invite you to notice when you are attempting to find perfection in a world. We open the door to looking upon stress of any kind. Is it not always because you have found the world or one of its characters to have fallen … Continue reading Certainty in the Light