Light up the path Time is really stretchy. Truly, time isn't, as in it doesn't exist. But given into the hands of Spirit, time loses all of the rigidity that you still believe it needs to have. Consider how perceived structures in time and space seem to lend order and safety and predictability to your experience. Consider how … Continue reading Light up the path

Illusion’s thoughts are replaced Most of the posts I've been sharing lately are messages that I was given weeks ago. I didn't get the call to share until now. The really interesting thing about that time gap was that it helped me see that on the day I shared the message, it applied perfectly to something I experienced. … Continue reading Illusion’s thoughts are replaced

In the healing waters When you look upon the future and on your idea of "what is going to happen," we would like to illustrate for you what is going on. We want to illustrate it for you, and then we want to reframe it in a way that recognizes your vastness, the profound stillness that you Are. … Continue reading In the healing waters

A mighty presence Anytime you feel your mind attack another or push against anything that seems to be out there in the world, turn around. Look at your mind, the projector of the world you see. Find your willingness to go into it. Find your willingness to allow any hidden resistance to be washed away. It's very … Continue reading A mighty presence

Stillness Are you willing to give up the thoughts that cause anger? Anger is not caused by a static reality that is someone else's fault. Anger is not caused by a static reality that is your fault. Fault does not exist, but in a world of illusion, it seems to. Anger is caused by your … Continue reading Stillness

Allowing new perception Whenever you feel tension, stress, distress, judgment, or disquiet, it's only a service. Think of a little bell going off: "You are attached to old perception." Be grateful for the service of this little bell. Hear it when it is a little bell, and heed its message: "It's time to pause in a moment … Continue reading Allowing new perception

The story that leads all to happiness We begin with a song: You seem to be in a never ending story that extends infinitely out into time, but time is finite. What is prior to time calls to you to allow all of the story to be placed into its hands for a happy conclusion for all. Place what is … Continue reading The story that leads all to happiness

Thank them for how they help you Everything sensory is a mirror, and you need not be afraid of the mirror. Anything that seems to spur any reaction in you is only a very helpful way to notice the thinking present in your mind. Any thinking that disturbs can always be released. Peaceful thought, or a very simple flow, is always … Continue reading Thank them for how they help you