Conduits for the miraculous The miraculous can come through all of you. We've encouraged you to see all you perceive as other as healing beings. We encourage you now to see all you perceive as other as conduits for the miraculous. When you are able to see them that way, you will be able to see yourself that … Continue reading Conduits for the miraculous

Everyone offers a gift Your equals are your teachers and your students. All beings are your equals. Each one, without exception, is your teacher and your student. When we say they are your teachers, we are saying that every being holds a gift for you. Every being extends an invitation to you to accept ever-present joy. When we … Continue reading Everyone offers a gift

All equal We want you to know that those nonphysical beings who help you are your equals. Just as we are your equals, each brother and sister experiencing physical embodiment is also your equal. We invite you to see where you perceive anything other than the truth. When you look at those playing roles in the … Continue reading All equal

The Relationship Process: Day 10

Thank you for traveling with me through these ten processes. I have unlearned so much! Today's process focuses on the idea of too much and not enough--how we see these ideas outwardly because we hide from them inwardly. The relationship process gives us the chance to release old patterns and to come into the new-in-every-moment. … Continue reading The Relationship Process: Day 10

The Relationship Process: Day 9

I am releasing so much through this relationship process. Today's focus is on how guidance becomes louder and more obvious when we allow the voice of ego to subside. Looking at our perceptions of others is a very effective way of allowing the voice of ego to diminish. Day 9 - Accepting healing to hear … Continue reading The Relationship Process: Day 9

The Relationship Process: Day 7

Day 7 - Seeing how we build identity It is transformative and gorgeous to see how we use thought to reinforce separation perception, because once we are shown how we attach to the thoughts ego sends us, we can withdraw our belief in them. In the absence of belief, the wonderful service our fellow beings … Continue reading The Relationship Process: Day 7

The Relationship Process: Day 6

Every interaction you have is an invitation to healing. When you recognize the abundance of opportunity all around you, you accept the invitation to healing more often. The more you accept the invitation to healing, the happier you feel. Day 6 - Seeing perfect roles Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

The Relationship Process: Day 5

Day 5 – Understanding projection Now it is time for you to see that your experience of the healing being is due to your own projection. You have been projecting ego’s lies onto the healing being, distorting your vision and your ability to communicate. This healing being has walked this path with you each step … Continue reading The Relationship Process: Day 5

The Relationship Process: Day 4

All of our relationships are mirrors. If we feel any discomfort whatsoever in any of them, we are always receiving an opportunity to release what we are using to block the flow of love and inspiration. Day 4 - Experiencing the truth of another Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash