Easing into co-creation

Hello. We're right here. We're always here. We encourage you to make use of us because we live to serve. It is our joy, because we know our oneness. You live to serve All That Is, too, and you are coming to know that. The one of us. The one of us in innocence. The … Continue reading Easing into co-creation

So much good news!

This is just-Julie (and the imaginary friends are laughing at the impossibility of such a thing when I say that), but I just wanted to share that there are so many messages coming through, and the news is so wonderful! I will share as time allows, but in general it's a sense of vast healing … Continue reading So much good news!

Video: Who is in charge?

Who or what do you allow to have authority over your experience? Do you give authority to that which you are--love, the wholeness of all things--or to disparate, separate, illusory elements of that which is being projected from Mind? When you remember to place authority where it actually is, your own experience becomes easier. https://youtu.be/Y69f_Nk9Yn0Continue reading Video: Who is in charge?

The Great Joining

We invite you to the Great Joining. No, this is not actually an event in space and time. It's a correction of perception. It is always available to you. You can touch it, and move away, touch it, and move away, touch it and move away. Then you begin to understand what it is. Then … Continue reading The Great Joining

Allowing the love we are to be extended into the illusion

When we remember that our very simple and always-shared power is to allow the simplicity of what actually is--love--to be extended into the illusion, we can refocus on this whenever needed to bring ourselves into alignment. Here are the statements I mention: Insert any quality of love that applies to your situation: Trust, love, peace, … Continue reading Allowing the love we are to be extended into the illusion

Appreciate tension, then release

Think of the attractive power of you. First, consider who you are. You are All That Is, individuated and being expressed through a human body. Incredible, no? You, as you experience yourself through this body, have given yourself a believable experience of being separate. Now think of what you, as Love, as All That Is, … Continue reading Appreciate tension, then release

Forgiving yourself

You make illusions. You came into this incarnation and conformed to this system of illusion-making. It is now time to release illusions and allow the real to arise within your experience. It will be easier for the real to arise within your experience if you are not looking into the past and wishing you had … Continue reading Forgiving yourself

Everyone a superhero

We are awakening to the power of love and how simple it is to allow it. We are always either pushing other minds deeper into the illusion or inviting them into the sunlight of reality. As we invite those minds into the sunlight of reality by seeing who they are, they heal. As we participate … Continue reading Everyone a superhero