I've just been learning from working with my lovely friend Agata that a different modality of receiving and sharing messages is Facebook Messenger. It's really fun this way because there's an opportunity for more back and forth.Today I seem to be receiving her message in four parts, so I wander away for a while and … Continue reading Messaging

Repost: The delight of rebirth in the here and now

Here is a very playful message from August 22, 2018. Hellooo! We are speaking to you from a great distance–the great beyond–that is why we are shouting! Just kidding. Actually, we’re breathing right down your neck, but we don’t want to be creepy (a delightful and fun notion you have of creepy–thank you), so … Continue reading Repost: The delight of rebirth in the here and now

Your partnership with the Light, as the Light

I received a message for the exquisite Andrea about who her twin flame is. She responded with generosity, offering to share this message with all of you. Thanks, Andrea! 💗 Dear One, we have been waiting for you to ask. We support you in going deep into your heart, knowing that all desires are … Continue reading Your partnership with the Light, as the Light

Say yes to the gift There is a gift that is always waiting for your acceptance. No matter what you think is happening, there is always a gift present for everyone. See the gift at the heart of every being. See this gift at the heart of every situation. Everything is your gift. Everyone is your gift, without exception. … Continue reading Say yes to the gift

Facebook live today, 10am EST

Hey, everyone. I'll be live at Viral Alchemy at 10am EST today. I'll be focusing on how everything that happens is beneficial, everyone we meet is helpful. Stop by and say hi! 💚 If you have any questions, book a session: If you feel inspired to support my work, you can do that here.

Repost: Every moment a decision

This is a Love's Beginning video from August 15, 2018 💚 Each moment is a reset point. Through breath and intention, we can focus on the qualities of mind that allow reality (freedom, abundance, love, connection, thriving) to shine through the illusion. When we do this, we also invite the experience of those qualities from … Continue reading Repost: Every moment a decision