Walk with Love through your mind

https://youtu.be/yLDj_UFa--8 A girl from high school that I thought I didn't like--she was instrumental in my receiving this message. I had to get past my own grim certainty about her (like furniture in the way) before I could hear it. It is easy to be grateful for this message, so it is easy to be … Continue reading Walk with Love through your mind

A Course in Forgetting: Sunfull

https://youtu.be/ELrXmT-536I We suggest that you think of sinless as sunfull and sinful as sunless. All are sunfull. All are full of light. If you see them otherwise, you have seen as you requested, and Now is the moment to make another request. Ask and you are given. *** A Course in Forgetting is a shared … Continue reading A Course in Forgetting: Sunfull

Thoughts are relationships

https://youtu.be/1qSC4KknxoA Your thoughts about others are your relationships with them. Think of this. You need not fret about any perceived past. You need not manage any perceived present. You need not strive to be good enough within any relationship you perceive. Simply look at your thoughts. Those are your relationships. Allow the thinking to shift, … Continue reading Thoughts are relationships

Ground for the blossoming of all

https://youtu.be/dfHYqu92468 It seems there is a limit to clock time, and therefore a limit on what can be done through you. Clock time is a perceived limit. When thoughts of limits perceived arise in the mind, don't grab on. Allow them to float up and up and up, until they disappear. They don't have to … Continue reading Ground for the blossoming of all

Carried by the unlimited

https://youtu.be/WDgJpVTMOY4 There is no actual reason not to have peace. Every time you believe you are looking upon an actual reason for loss of peace, you are looking upon an illusion. This is exactly the moment to reach out for help. One trap is analysis of others--thinking you know the flaws of others, thinking you … Continue reading Carried by the unlimited

The sight of harmonic function

https://youtu.be/348wzEz18c8 What was gilt becomes recognizable as guilt. You become aware that the shiny, "wantable" exterior will never bring you happiness, so you become very interested in what beams behind it. What beams behind, and potentially through, everything--it is the same. It is in this benign sameness that you find both your safety and the … Continue reading The sight of harmonic function

A Course in Forgetting: Time to admit

https://youtu.be/sxm5NknTA70 If you meet with one who is fearful It’s just time Time to admit that you are projecting from what is fearful Help is here The more you admit The easier it getsA Course in Forgetting is a shared document. You are welcome to add, edit, or delete text or images.

The dismantling of defenses

https://youtu.be/XDNKCDKZeWs Whenever there is a feeling of disquiet, it signals the seeming presence of your defense. Defenses aren't real. There is something more real than a defense. It is this--this that is more real than a defense--that can be relied upon fully in all situations. It is this that is present everywhere and accessible to … Continue reading The dismantling of defenses