Transformation: Order up!

Friendly reminder: The world can transform very, very easily. When you know everything is okay, everything is going to be okay, and everything always has been okay, you allow the world to be as it is right now. What it appears to be right now is just the form it's taking. Forms were meant to … Continue reading Transformation: Order up!

Standing in the stillness

Today we invite you into noticing one moment of resistance--just one beautiful moment of resistance. It is very beautiful when it is seen for what it is. Are you willing to see it sparkling, to take apart all of its components? What happens when you don't resist? There is a beautiful discovery waiting for you … Continue reading Standing in the stillness

The messenger of happiness

All things are perfect and supposed to be here, even and especially if it doesn't appear to be that way. If it appears in your experience, seemingly near or far, it is here to teach. When you remember that all things are one thing, then each thing is a call to remembrance in some way. … Continue reading The messenger of happiness

All the small selves

Is there anything that you couldn't allow? Be playful with this. Allow the ideas to arise in your mind. Did you only think of things you would label as negative, things you seem to fear? Now look a bit deeper. Look at your list of positive things, wanted things, things that seem to be lacking … Continue reading All the small selves

Observing the wind-up toy

What would happen if you were open to the perception of the Wholeness of yourself and all others at all times?  This is a triggering statement. You're welcome. It brings up subtle fears. It brings up any way you're still clinging to separation perception. In the wake of this statement, you'll feel the rush of … Continue reading Observing the wind-up toy

Masters remembering mastery

Allow us to enfold you in a feeling a safety today, a perception of safety. And from there it's a hop, skip and a jump to remember that you are, in union with us, that safety that encompasses all experience. We direct you to the reality of your safety today as we shine a light on … Continue reading Masters remembering mastery

Calling upon what is Real

Today we invite you to meet the new as the new. Each being, in truth, is sparkling clean, pure, and fresh. When you know this in interaction with them, there is no need to bring the past with you. You can meet each being unadorned, without carrying the past memories or future projections with you. … Continue reading Calling upon what is Real

From distortion to focus

You are looking through a camera. Bring the whole into focus. Just for a moment. Yes, you can focus on particular parts, but bring the whole into focus. We would like you to bring the whole of your life story into focus, and in order to do that, you must include all of the stories that … Continue reading From distortion to focus

Here comes the sun

Feeling is your guide. You can feel when you are powered by mind and when you are powered by Mind. When you allow flow from the nonjudgmental awareness that we are, there is no disturbance. When you are engaged in separated mind, you can feel fears and defenses. When you are mistaking these fears and … Continue reading Here comes the sun

Emerging from amnesia

You are already free. Now allow any reactiveness to that to float to the surface. You seem to become free through the process of releasing misconception, but the truth is that you are free. You are free to continue to act as if you are bound. Reactiveness there? That is who you aren't. Allow it … Continue reading Emerging from amnesia