Only cause for celebration

There is only cause for celebration now.

You are willing to drop what you don’t need. Celebrate that. This willingness is a very important starting point for each phase of your journey. Whenever you notice this willingness, celebrate. Whenever you feel lost, return to the truth of this willingness. You cannot take a step wrong. Simply allow your attention to return here.

As your misperceptions unwind, you are willing to see on a deeper and deeper level what you do not need. You have more cause for celebration. Willingness leads to willingness. It only grows. Your ego may try to sell you a tale about how it’s so devious that it’s going to keep you bound forever. You do not have to buy that tale, any tale that is a reason for suffering. Willingness is all you need, and remember that the ego is nothing at all. You can stop and listen to ego’s tale. You can believe, but all of those things are up to you. You are in charge, and what you are and always have been is not an ego.  You are not the thing you have been holding up to block your awareness of love. You can set that thing-that-is-no-thing down.

You are moving through the unfolding and the unwinding of what seems to bind you. What seems to bind you is actually nothing at all, but the experience of feeling bound and limited feels very real. The ego is a device you have been using on purpose to give yourself a realistic experience of limitation because that was what you wanted. The ego itself is illusion, and in looking toward it and using it as your filter for everything, you have been desiring illusion. No more. You are ready to relinquish illusion now.

As you move through what appears to be a process of relinquishment that seems to take clock time–itself an illusion–remember that every step along the way is perfect and for you. Any seeming challenge is an opportunity for you to see how you have been making illusion primary. If you call upon the strength of what you are to see through illusion wherever it pops up, you will be assisted. You are never without help. No one is ever without help. This emergence from illusion has always been a group project because we have never left your side for a single moment, and we never will.

So every event along your path now is a perfectly fashioned gem designed to lead you back to Truth. Trust that each step along the way helps you in this process of the release of the unreal and the acceptance of the Real. Celebrate how perfectly everything is set up for you. It’s the same way for everyone, whether it looks good or bad. Take the shortcut here and remember that you are not actually capable of judging the good/bad quality of someone else’s path. Just know that it is perfect.

You have been hungry–hungry to clear up misperception, to allow clarity. This is the appropriate use of hunger. Direct it all toward the only goal that means anything–release of yourself and your siblings from the illusion to which you have been clinging so tightly. We will show you the way.

Any driving force that would send you on egoic journeys–use it instead in the direction of clarity. Everything good, everything you could possibly need follows from clarity. There is nothing to hide and everything to see. Open up your heart, your thoughts and your inclinations to us. You are wholly good and always worthy, and the same is true of all of your fellows. Open up, and experience the ease of certainty and flow.

Photo by Jim Strasma on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Only cause for celebration

  1. Thank you so much. This is so nourishing….like soup in a cold day.

    This goes so well with your previous post on desire — When i desire, i remember that feeling of lack.

    Then i can think “I don’t need it…..i don’t need validation from other people, approval from xyz, smiles from abc….magic and miracles are right here, right now. In the perfection of love.” Thank you!!!!! 💛 Is this a good way to go? Am i simplifying it too much?

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    1. I don’t think you can simplify too much because the answer is always so simple! 😊

      Today I’m really being honest with myself about what I think I want and it’s hilarious. I’m doing the calendar lessons in A Course in Miracles, and today’s lesson is “I do not perceive my own best interests.” This is abundantly clear after hearing from myself what I think I want!



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