No need for delay

Why delay? We wish to reframe what you regard as negative feeling for you. Every single negative feeling you have ever experienced is about a struggle to delay. In a convoluted way, every time you don’t feel good, you are struggling to get away from a better feeling. This seems like insanity, doesn’t it? Give thanks that you have the ability to feel. Feeling lets you know each time you are headed backwards, away from Truth.

We say that every negative feeling is about delay because in those moments you are attempting to deny what you Are and what everyone else Is. You are attempting to reframe Reality and to see it as something that it isn’t. This attempt will never be successful. It can feel very good to give up the useless attempt to achieve what has never been possible.

In other words, you can never be not-Love. Every negative feeling is about the useless attempt to define one or more seen-as-separate things as real, bad, and the cause for what you are feeling. Every aspect of phenomenality can reflect what actually Is back to you, but you have to be willing to see it.

When you get really serious about allowing flawed perception to be washed away, you will stop all blame of conditions and what appear to be other people. When you stop that, you are left with your own thoughts and beliefs. This is always the cause of your feelings. It is never anything external, because, in truth, what you perceive to be external is not Real. It is only your thoughts projected. You often believe that this projection is more powerful than you are, but it can only ever be an effect of your thoughts and beliefs. It can’t ever be anything other than that.

In this house of mirrors, any painful feeling you experience is directly related to a wish to delay your return to full awareness of what you Are. Why would you delay your return to abiding joy? You would only delay out of confusion, because you believe safety is elsewhere. You can only believe your safety is elsewhere when you are believing a thought from ego.

You become fully aware of what you Are by your willingness to have your perception corrected. We invite you here today, to our meeting place. Whenever you are tempted to place cause in the world, in a separate self that seems to be of the world, go to our meeting place. Surrender all false perception. Allow us to show you what is really happening.

Happiness is acting from Clarity in every situation. You can only act from Clarity if you have stopped listening to ego’s churning, frantic, back-and-forth voice. The more you are willing to recognize how you feel, the more you will stop mistaking ego’s voice for your own. Instead, you will hear ego’s voice as the invitation to instability that it has always been. It is easy to decline this invitation once you have recognized it for what it is–something completely unrelated to what you are. In order to experience yourself as you are not, you had to attach to a something else. Your function now is to surrender that attachment wherever it becomes apparent. When you surrender that attachment, you can hear the voice of Clarity, which always instructs you very simply. Following Clarity’s instructions always brings happiness, without exception.

When you experience a feeling of digging your heels in, a feeling of tension or stress–the ego will readily supply you with a world-based reason about why you don’t feel good. If you can learn to regard this reason as the nonsense it has always been, you take advantage of the opportunity to go deeper, to hear Clarity’s voice. You soon realize that you far prefer one voice to the other. You notice that one voice is loving, the other strident. One voice encourages you to see the beauty of all without exception. The other voice encourages you to find enemies everywhere.

The voice of Clarity is the voice of Sanity. If you allow the voice of Sanity (which is only your True voice) to dictate all, you allow the world to resolve into a clear reflection of Sanity. It truly is up to you.

Any time you feel a negative feeling, consider the fear of returning to full awareness of Home. Remember that since you have done nothing wrong, there is no need to fear this return. There is every reason to celebrate this return as you celebrate the True nature of all your fellow beings. Find your willingness to return Home. Focus there. Find your willingness to allow everything that doesn’t serve this return to flow out of your awareness.

The only reason you would be afraid to go Home is that you think you are in trouble. Underneath any perception of wrongdoing in the world is the perception that you have done wrong in building an illusory world of suffering. You have done not wrong because you have done nothing at all. Withdraw all value and all judgment from the world you think you see, and allow a reflection of what is True and Real to appear in its place.

Our joy is to clear away all that keeps you from seeing what Is, and we are always here, always able to remove from your awareness whatever you do not need as soon as you realize you are Free and do not need it.

Photo by Mitch Lensink on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “No need for delay

  1. One voice encourages you to see beauty in each moment and the other enemies everywhere — That is such a magnificent tool to know whom to listen to! Thank you Julie and your magical friends for making it soooo beautiful and simple! Look, listen, feel and live in beauty and smile in love! Thank YOU again and again.

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      1. i am amazed and sad (oh yes! That feeling of judgment again) that i forget – again and again and dive back into illusion. But what Grace to remember – to read your words, feel my tears and remember – there is only One – One Love who holds us all in the arms of sweet infinity, this very moment and for ever. Thank you for all you are doing for our Universe. i love you!

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      2. It is funny how often we forget! But we did build this world out of thought as a distraction, so it’s doing its job of being distracting. Just that constant repetition of coming back into the healing space, questioning the thoughts, makes Reality more apparent. 😘💙


      3. I take a step,
        A teeny tiny step
        Away from my thoughts
        Into my heart
        Where a lotus blooms
        Your Feet dance
        A smile blossoms
        In my every cell
        I know i am alive
        Only to love You
        My beloved divine

        Thank you, dear Julie, for holding my hand and bringing me here.

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