Practice 10 – I will emerge from hiding

Today, you can emerge from your hiding spot. Your hiding spot is called ego, and it keeps you perceptually separate from others. You can rejoin all the seeming others in confidence that you are safe and loved, as all are and always have been.

Whenever you experience any doubt or uncertainty today, remind yourself of this:
I am willing to emerge from hiding.
As I come into the light of true identity, I see innocence everywhere.

The role of not-innocent is only a role. It’s a role you play and a role you project upon others who have never been other. As you remind yourself of the Truth of innocence everywhere, you will see through the sets and costumes and masks of the drama you have going on here to what is and always has been Real.

Photo by Dapo Oni on Unsplash

For further reading, see The power to wake up

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