Your happiness is beyond all conditions

You can delay having your perception corrected for as long as you want. You made time for the purpose of denying what Is. You were never able to damage what Is, but you were able to forget it almost entirely. Forgetting it totally is not an option that you have. There is no reason to delay perception correction, but ego will deliver reasons unto you. Your job is to see through those reasons so they will stop washing up at your shore. Ego stops delivering packages to you when you don’t pick them up or open them.

When you experience a challenge, there is only one true answer–perception correction. The higher purpose of that challenge is to assist you back to corrected perception. There is a higher purpose in every aspect of your Earth experience. Every facet of it can be used to deliver you back to the full awareness of Home, so there is no reason to fret over any single aspect of your experience or anyone else’s. Simply allow all experience to deliver you efficiently to the awareness of what Is. Allow all experience to serve you by showing you exactly where you are blocking full awareness of what Is.

When you experience a challenge, you can use effort to bring about perceived changes in conditions, and those conditions can be temporarily satisfying. We are not instructing you do this or not to do this. It is not in the doing. It is in the thinking. Before you dive into effort, if you can use time for its purpose of healing and look at the thinking active within you, you have the opportunity for great mind clearing. If you take advantage of all opportunities for mind clearing, you are able to meet all others from a calm and open foundation of Love.

Using effort means that you are struggling to bring about conditions. When you struggle to bring about conditions, you are asking those conditions to make you happy. Although the ego will tell you repeatedly that certain conditions will make you happy, the ego lies 100% of the time. You invented it so it would lie to you, so you could then have a believable experience of what is not possible. You can feel the resonance of a lie. It doesn’t feel good.

Lies impel you in a direction that seems forward. The Flow feels different. You feel safe and supported within it. Everything is very obvious, and there is no tension. We are your eternal invitation to enter the Flow. There is truly no need to struggle over anything, and the Flow is always there for you. The best use of your effort right now is uncovering the thinking attached to all negative feeling. When you uncover it, you can agree to have it washed away. When you agree to have egoic thinking washed away, you are perceptually closer to your fellows. When you are perceptually closer to your fellows, you become more willing to see and experience the joy they are, and you have a front row seat to any remaining resistance to which you cling.

Your happiness is always beyond all conditions, and it is always pristine and untouched, waiting for you. If this is true of you, it is true of all. Your happiness is in the Flow. The best way we can describe the Flow to you is that certain things become very obvious, and it is easy to simply go where you are led without resistance, without opinion, without thinking. The Flow is Ease. You are offered this Ease at all times, but you have become accustomed to choosing something else. Use time for discovering what you have been choosing and finding your willingness to drop your attachment to it.

The Flow doesn’t need to worry about any laws of time or space, and it easily delivers the miraculous unto all. The only thing that can block the Flow is egoic thought. Egoic thought can only block the Flow if you believe it. It is always up to you, and we are always here in loving service, ready to assist you and all into the Ease of which you are fully worthy.

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Your happiness is beyond all conditions

  1. What is mind clearing, dear Julie? I feel a constriction in my throat and tight and i tried it trace it to the thoughts that caused it. I judged someone – for judging someone else. he! he! I want to forget it, clear it, wash it away – how to do that? I see how ridiculous it is and immaterial. But i am still not empty – a little less tight, a small smile – how to correct the perception totally? Am I not understanding this right? Deeply appreciate any help. Feel so grateful to you, in an inexpressible love-filled way. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi, dear Krishnapriya πŸ’—

      In my experience, mind clearing is the result of my willingness to allow feeling to guide me to every opportunity to release false thought.

      This may help:

      In my experience, it’s very much an over and over process, but it goes deeper and deeper. It helps us face our deepest fears and give them up. Every grudge we hold against the past is actually our fear of love, and it gets easier and easier to see that. Love is in the present, and when I’m convinced about a particular past, I’m ignoring all the love the present moment has for me and everyone. When I’m shadowboxing, I stop sooner and accept the remedy. The more I do this, the sooner I stop. πŸ’—

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