Walk on Earth without conflict

Once upon a time, there was a tiny, mad idea, as your A Course in Miracles calls it, and you believed it. Then you remembered that it was false, and you laughed.

This is the story you are living. You are on the remembrance journey now.

What is the tiny, mad idea? It is the idea that you could be separate from your creator. It is the idea that you or anyone else could do something wrong. It is the idea that reacting against something that appears in your world is the key to bringing all into balance. You are setting down that old reactivity now. You are discovering and trusting the response that has always been there–loving response–and you are allowing it to dominate.

The tiny, mad idea has many, many forms, and ego is the entity you made as a source of these forms. When you give your power to ego, you make the illusion. When you realize you are the power of love–and so is everyone else–you allow creation to express itself through you and everyone else. This everyone else piece is important, because you are not other than everyone else. Yes, you must certainly release them to their experience, their journeys, their choices. But at the same time, what do you think is possible to be expressed through them, all these that you call the others? What version of what you call the others do you want to meet today?

Do you want the version that will speak the wise words to you? Do you want the version you can appreciate? Do you want the version with whom you can effortlessly co-create? If want something other, is it because you are depending on those you call other to show up as other than you in order to define you as separate and special?

Allow it all to come up. Allow yourself to see. Allow it all to dissolve. Meet your divine siblings as they actually are. Know this about them. See this in them, and allow them to show up exactly as they are showing up in this moment. We promise you it is always in divine service to all.

So this tiny, mad idea–that you are separate from your creator, that anyone could ever be separate from the creator–takes endless forms. It’s a machine you set up, like a bubble machine. It’s a wondrous machine. It can spit out the stuff of dreams forever. Take a moment of appreciation for your making of it. And now set it down. You’re ready to stop now. You’re ready to leave old toys behind. This machine has gifted you with a separate identity within this illusion–a very effective means of communication. You already have a name. You already have a sense of location. You already have the experience of a body though which to communicate. The ego toy has done its job admirably for you! Bow to it. Thank it. Appreciate it.

And now recognize the most effective source for your speech and actions. The most effective source is the simplicity of what you and all others are–love–the foundation that will never subside. The toy you made to deliver separation-consciousness experience is a toy you had to obey to have that type of experience. Allowing yourself to follow suggestions for speech and action that feel like they come from an unstable basis–that is what you did to have the experience of this world, and have it you did. It was never wrong, but you are done now.

We promised to be here for you to help you come out of it, and here we are, right on schedule–yes, another joke amongst the timeless! We love to laugh, and we are inviting you to laugh at this entire experience, at the tiny, mad idea itself. We are greeting you after one of the wildest roller coaster rides ever, and you are the builder of the coaster. Was that amazing?

Um, yes. There is that. How clever of you to notice. You are still embodied. Aren’t you supposed to get out of the car after the ride? As you say, WTF? We are always available to tell you WTF about anything, you know, if you are brave enough to stop and listen. So in this case, the plan for collective reawakening means that you become completely, entirely aware of how you and your brothers and sisters project shared experience, and you become aware of this while still embodied. You’re still driving the car, so to speak. You’re collectively driving the car.

Yes, we know what’s going on, how it is you do what you do–always collectively–on Earth, but most of you are too caught up in the illusion to hear some alternate driving instructions from us. That is why you always agree when you go back into a body to keep your ears open this time–your eyes, too. And then the illusion is so very distracting…but you have done it this time! And you are not the only one, of course. There are many of you. You have a lovely virus that is spreading–it’s called the ability to see and feel Reality, the ability to invite it into your experience and therefore the experience of others.

As this comes online for more and more of you–and this is inevitable now–you begin to drive your collective car with a rapidly diminishing sense of conflict. You experience harmony. Disorder dies down because there is no point in feeding it anymore. There is something else–something bigger, more reliable, something that has always been here, something vitally alive and endlessly creative, something that makes it easy to forget about ego’s making. It’s you. That’s the something. That’s why it’s so funny in the end. It’s you collectively, and that’s what makes all the conflicts funny, too.

Remember that ego spews out many forms, many experiences, many suggestions, but they are always the same. They are always based on a suggestion that you believe in and feed disorder. You can stop. You can just stop. And you are stopping. As you stop, people around you get to stop, too, because they feel the energy of something else. That something else–love–has always been alive and present, but it has always been seen and experienced through the filter of ego, either remembered or anticipated. There’s no need for either. Love is here and now, always. It just takes a moment to stop and feel your very basic aliveness. That is love. That is what runs inspiration. It just takes a moment to stop and feel that. When you allow yourself to feel it, you invite it.

When you allow yourself to stop and feel that very basic aliveness that we all share–with each other, with every cell, with every molecule–you are allowing the light in. Let’s take a look at what you call light and dark for a moment. We could easily flip the words and make dark make sense for the “better” option. Would you like to do that for a moment? See how flexible you are!

In order to flip your notion of light and dark, you have to release the ideas of good and evil from shackles. You’ve just got to let all definitions go, only for a moment. We will explain. Okay, so think of the closed eyes of meditation, the relative darkness there. Think of the moments you give yourself of not being blinded or dazzled by the apparent brightness and busyness and value of the illusion you make together. Think of electric light vs. sunlight.

You can always look with the electric light of the illusion, or you could close your physical eyes and allow the sunlight of true knowing, of love, to teach you what in fact you have been doing with this illusion. So in allowing the darkness–shutting down the illusion for a while–you can allow your perception to be truly illuminated, and you can take that illumination with you into what you call daily life.

Good vs. evil is only for the illusion–the game you have been playing. Every good game needs a versus, but there comes a time when you are ready to end the game. Think of a board game, and then think of the play of little ones who are not absorbed by any particular thing. It’s time to return to play as you once knew it. You do not need to be hunkered down over a strategy when every moment gives you the means for playing beautifully.

There is not good vs. evil, not truly. There is only love unopposed, forever. There is the chosen experience of the darkness of blindness required to allow ego to run to the show.  Or you could call it the blindness of being dazzled and confused by the illusion. Either way you look at it, it is chosen. By you. And that choice is made in every moment.

When you choose again, and choose again, and choose again, eventually you simply trust love’s ever presence, so you don’t have to keep choosing. You know. And you live that knowing. When you live that knowing, it’s obvious to others, and they can easily share the benefit of that knowing.

This is the unweaving of all that you thought that was true, all that you struggled to hold together, all that you never needed to struggle to hold together. It’s an exciting time. It’s a time of relief. A time of transformation. A time of miracles. A time of forgiveness.

We thank you for allowing the unweaving. We thank you for allowing yourself to feel the rightness of the unweaving. You’ve agreed to allow the very fabric of your small “r” reality to fall apart, trust that big “R” reality is there to catch you, and it is. You can feel it, and feeling is becoming your most important tool. This is as it should be. Thank you for allowing yourself to be guided by your very own self, and not a fabrication you invented to experience something other than what you are.

In seeing that all disturbing ideas are the same idea, you hold the key. Notice how distracting a disturbing idea is. Notice how riveting. Notice how it gets all your reaction cylinders firing, and this is still easy to do because you are accustomed to this mode. It still feels relatively normal, but it also feels wrong. This is what you have allowed–this crack in the facade. You realize now that reactivity feels wrong, and it leaves you reaching for something more. That something more–that loving response that is always available–is something you have allowed yourself to discover. You have allowed yourself to see it, and it is becoming easier to abide here.

The place in which the loving response is available–it is heaven, and you are here to allow heaven into experience. Drop all of your ideals about love and heaven. It’s not any certain way that would oppose any other way. It simply is. You can feel it right now, if you stop for a breath. It just is, beyond any sentimentality. Can you feel the essential nonjudgmental nature of it? It doesn’t oppose anything else, does it? You can feel that.

One of ego’s clever stands is that it will stand as the arbiter of what is loving and what is not. Because you choose to believe in the protectiveness of ego, you limit the forms love can take. Can you admit in this moment right now that you don’t actually know what is loving and what is not, but you can feel it? Can you feel and allow the flexibility and open nature of what can come through you if you don’t allow ego to define love?

There is nothing we enjoy more than going deeper and deeper with you, allowing all those beautiful pinpricks of light to shine and multiply until that is all you see. And in the interest of fairness to the delightful dark, you can also say that you shut down the overbrightness of the distracting illusion. You go into the delicious deep with us in remembrance of love, beyond the temporary conflict between good and evil.

We always meet in a place beyond conflict. We encourage you to stay here today, and to meet all of your divine siblings, your fellow earth walkers, in this place, to know and never forget that it is always alive in them, too.

Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash

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