Allowing the wiring to be redone

Think of the mind as having certain routes and pathways, certain relationships among various thoughts. Now think of opening that structure up to the celestial electrician, saying, “Do what you will with it. All of my thoughts are open to you. Arrange everything here to your liking. Nothing is off limits.” Your willingness to have your internal wiring redone serves you and all.

This is where courage comes in–the courage to let go of what you thought was so precious. You have believed that your ability to analyze what you think you see keeps you safe. This belief is what is being exposed now, and you can offer it up. What if you cannot keep yourself and others safe through analysis and opinion, through what you perceive to be physical action? What if Safety is a pre-existing condition, waiting for you to stop and see it? If you allow your internal wiring to be redone, you can know this Safety in every moment, and you can know it belongs to everyone. Peace is knowing the Safety of you and all in every moment. When you abide here, you can share this peace.

No matter what seems to be happening, you can always wait as internal chatter settles and reach in deeper past the surface. What you will find as you reach in past the surface, past happenings and opinions and analyses, is always the same. You always find this pure, abiding light, the true identity of you and all despite what appears to be happening.

It is important to remember that whatever conditions you seem to find yourself in, you are experiencing them because that is what you wanted. You wanted to be distracted away from your true nature so much that you could come to believe that you could harm and be harmed, that you could die. The only way you could do this would be to identify with and as a body. Then you put all of your focus on perception, and you attempt to lose yourself in reaction to that perception.

All perception is illusion, while all knowledge is Real. We use knowledge in the sense of what is known prior to the seeming existence of the physical. With your permission, all of perception can be used to point you back to knowledge.

When you experience stress, it always means you have a free upgrade awaiting you. You can only experience stress if you are interpreting perception and assigning a meaning to it. The feeling of stress means that you are being alerted to an opportunity to have perception be used to benefit all. The stressful feeling is an indicator that you, perceiving yourself as separate, are attempting to assign meaning to what you think you see. When you feel stress you can stop, give thanks for the opportunity to allow confusion to be swept away, and find your willingness to allow all of perception to be used to guide you on your way Home. When you feel that stress, it means you have taken hold of perception and are attempting to use it to benefit a separate self. When perception is used to assist all, the feeling of stress drains away.

If you would like to practice, sit down and watch the news. Everything you learn while watching the news can be applied to the rest of your life. Notice when you think you know something about the physical. Notice when you have an opinion. Notice when you have a judgment. Notice how you feel. Don’t worry about the seeming opinions and judgments about those on the screen. They are only enacting their roles perfecting in assisting you back to the remembrance of your Self. Just notice. And when any whisper of that feeling of stress is present, go to your gratitude. This is the moment in which you are being offered relief. Go to your willingness. This is where you open up to allow that internal wiring to be redone. In the presence of gratitude and willingness, you are ushered into the joyful flow of life that carries you and all.

We are always here with you as you dream of differences, calling you back to the sameness of us all.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Allowing the wiring to be redone

  1. JULIE!!!! My sweet, beautiful, happy Snoopy dancing Sister!!! THANK YOU for this! Beautiful Leon had a link and I cannot even begin to tell You how well this goes with everything I’ve been practicing! You and Your Wonderful Guides just handed me a couple of tools that gift so much joy….and laughter is one of the best tools out there for me. The asking to have thoughts rewired is brilliant. And taking stress as a signal that a free upgrade is available. Wow. Smiling big and I will definitely implement these into my practices. Thanks again!!! I hope You and Yours are well and am sending You tons of Love and a GREAT BIG HUG!!! 🤗❤️🙏🏼💖😊!

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