Practice 12 -Remembering collective safety

Today is a day to allow the remembrance of collective safety to be shared everywhere. What better purpose could there be for a day?

We encourage you to move through your day knowing deeply that you are held in safety and love at all times. If any thought occurs that seems to contradict the truth of your eternal safety, take a moment to accept and share healing. To accept healing is to share it, immediately, mind-to-mind. It is a one-step process.

Take time for a three-minute meditation. Begin by saying to yourself:
I turn time over to the purpose of remembering collective safety.

Now sink below the turmoil of back and forth thought into the Love we are. If anything seems to interrupt, remind yourself:
I am held in safety at all times.

End by saying to yourself:
All are blessed with safety and Love. I will allow a world that reflects Truth to be seen and experienced.

Photo by Thomas Galler on Unsplash

For further reading, see Recognizing your preference for ego’s world

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