Recognizing your preference for ego’s world

Look around you with physical eyes. You see ego’s world. Ego’s world is not real. Isn’t that incredible? Ego’s world is not real. All of the fear you feel comes from believing ego’s world is real. Behind that, what you really fear is that you have done something wrong in making ego’s world, and you will be punished.

If you really knew that ego’s world is not real and you didn’t harm creation in any way, you would have no belief in wrongdoing. If you didn’t have a belief in wrongdoing, you would not project it out everywhere, seemingly near and far. Taking responsibility for all of your projections means allowing the world of ego to disappear and inviting the world of Love into experience.

Ego’s world is projected, like a film. As you look around you, you think you see things that are other than yourself. You interpret and label everything you see in terms of good and bad, in terms of the wanted and the rejected. This yearning and pushing away is the basis of duality. Duality can only exist within an illusion since it is not actually possible. So when you are walking around today, think about you showing yourself a film. What is the purpose of this film? Does the film exist to make a separate identity real? Or has it been turned over to depict the story of mass healing and remembrance?

Ego’s world is seen because it is preferred. The only way ego’s world, which is based on another impossibility–death–is preferred is because you fear what would happen if you emerge from it. You stay in a world in which punishment seems very real because you are afraid that you will be punished. The experience of punishment is not possible outside of the experience of ego you are projecting, however.

Ego’s world is preferred because of a misunderstanding. If you see anyone else doing wrong in the world you are projecting, if you feel hostility or threat of any kind, ever, seemingly coming at you or emanating from you, it is your signal that you do not know yourself. We know you very well, however. We know all of the characters in the film very, very well. And we have good news for all of you!

You are very, very safe. You are held in Love at all times. You are worthy. The means to remember your collective safety surrounds you at all times. Simply tune into our presence whenever you feel disturbed and ask for assistance in seeing things as they are. You take the power out of the film you are projecting when you realize that all of the drama can be healed immediately. Healing is always present, and you are always worthy of it.

You are innocent. You are whole. You are loved. You have never done anything wrong.
All are innocent. All are whole. All are loved. No one has ever truly done anything wrong. When you truly believe this, you will stop projecting out a world of anguish and hostility. More and more, your experience of the world will be as a safe place full of loving friends, where circumstances and events support your every move.

We are so happy that you are aware of our presence and that you are taking advantage of the help that is always there for you. As you accept our help, you share it with all immediately. The light show of healing is so very beautiful to see, and we thank you.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 12 – Remembering collective safety

6 thoughts on “Recognizing your preference for ego’s world

  1. “Healing is always present. You are always worthy of it.” Your words are so empowering – of love and pure instruments to dissolve all that is not. Thank you for sharing. I feel so blessed. 🙏💛

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