The unimportance of details

More important than any detail is the Whole. When you observe yourself getting caught upon judgment of a detail, it is the perfect moment to wake up. There is something for you here, something that is always beyond and prior to any judgment of any detail. There is something deeper, something untouched and untouchable. It is what you Are. It is what all others Are. It is what you intentionally block from your awareness. The one who blocks is always you. No one can do that for you. It is always your decision, your choice.

More powerful than any detail is the Whole. When you are caught up in believing a judgment, an analysis of a this compared to a that, there is always belief in a relative weakness somewhere. It is good to notice this. When you notice something you call good or preferred, there must be a perception of something lesser than, a belief in something lesser than, to make that thing good or preferred. If you believe in something lesser than, you are inviting fear, because believing that the lesser-than is real, you will fear its approach or reality in some way.

This is a tiresome cycle. Indeed, this perception of the possibility of any lesser-than is the source of all fatigue. All experience is conceptual, and to experience a lack, one must perceive a lack and believe in the reality of that perception. You believe in one lesser-than or greater-than perception, and the experience of it comes to you. Having experienced your perception, you invite similar perceptions to you. With perception comes experience. With experience comes a belief in a reality that truly has no foundation. There is no safety or security here. You can deliver a temporary experience of relative safety and security to yourself, but the entire experience is powered by fear. Fear, being nothing, is a very unstable foundation.

Details are temporary. They are all of time, and all of them pass away. A detail perceived, a snapshot, has no power of its own. Anything that seems powerful or limiting in this world can deliver the experience of that unto you only because you infuse this experience with the power you Are.

Your inevitable future glows, is alive, is always present. When we speak of your inevitable future, we speak of your mind, healed. We speak of the shared mind, healed. This healing, this willingness to perceive truly, is inevitable. There is nothing of this world that can stop it. The power of this world is in delay. When you give power to time, you give power to the figment that keeps the fantasy spinning. You will ultimately see the uselessness of this. Of your seeing truly, there is no doubt. Rest in this certainty of healing whenever you find yourself confused or disturbed for any reason. Rest in that which is beyond the blind reason of this world.

Your inevitable future is here now, but you obscure it with intention. Seeing illusion as safety, you continue to spin storylines with it. All of the storylines are harmless, but you do have the option to experience them as harmful, to experience yourself as a vulnerable entity subject to these storylines. It is only an option, and the experience is always something you deliver to yourself with thought and belief. Whenever there seems to be a problem, go straight to the thinking–your thinking. What seems to be the thinking of others is irrelevant. In that place where you are willing to acknowledge the thoughts and beliefs of a fictional separate self, we will meet you. We will always meet you to help you see through all of the lies you tell yourself. Be sure of this, and you have the certainty of a loving guide through any situation.

It is our joy to be here for you and to help you see the power of your thought. It is our delight to illuminate the concepts that will help you on your way out of conceptual servitude. It may seem tricky and tangled, but the light you are is steady and unwavering, sure and perfect. Join us in recognition of this perfection today.

Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash

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