Relaxing into what is Real

You are cared for. You are loved. You are supported. Everything that is Real supports you and supplies you. Egoic thought consistently herds perception away from this truth, but we invite you to stay steady here. You are cared for as all are cared for. You are loved as all are loved. You are perfectly supported and supplied, always. Allow this faith and this trust to build, and relax. Relax into what is Real, past all perception of the unreal.

You are carried. In all your seeming doings, it would be useful for you if you could begin to see them as being done through you for the benefit of all. In all perceived doings of others, it is beneficial to invite yourself to see this in the same way. All that seems to be done by others is being done through them for the benefit of all. This rubs the harsh edge away from ego’s efforting thoughts. You need to have a separate entity to have efforting, and even fatigue, but there are no separate entities. Invite yourself to see past the habitual experiences of separation that egoic thinking has caused.

You can trust. Nothing truly exists but what is Real, and you can trust in the Real. Allow a huge sigh of relaxation here. What could there be to hold onto here? Allow your grasp to go slack. If you are carried and loved and supplied with all you need, there is no need to grasp for anything. Truly, invite yourself into the knowing that you really are carried, and it is only egoic thinking that has convinced you otherwise. You have every reason to relax, every reason to set striving aside. If you allow yourself to relax, you can allow yourself to feel how loved you are, to feel how much you love and have always loved all of your fellow beings without exception.

We are always here with you, so make requests of us. In any time of disturbance or confusion, ask for all to become obvious. There are so many ways we can help you along, so ask us to make everything clear. When you stop to do this, you are acknowledging that the egoic thoughts you are hearing, the ones you are accustomed to believing, are lies. You are asking your true thoughts to come to you as replacements, and if you keep your focus there, past the surface of the illusion, your true thoughts will indeed come to you. You will see much deeper than the surface, and this will become an all-the-time setting for you.

Seeing past the surface means you are accessing your true happiness. All are worthy of this happiness, right now. If you can access it, you can share it.

In any time of trouble or challenge, celebrate. You are receiving an opportunity to release forever ancient thought patterns that you have used to imprison yourself. Ask for help in deepening your trust, in relaxing into what is here. The more you acknowledge what is Real beneath any surface, always shining, always alive, the more you will see it everywhere. As you see Love everywhere, you celebrate. And as you celebrate with sincerity, you can share this joy with others.

We celebrate you as you have always celebrated us. We invite you back to the awareness of Home and eternal joy.

Photo by Fikri Rasyid on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Relaxing into what is Real

  1. This is so gentle, so tender and at the same time so Real and strong. I feel blessed to read – we can ask for help – in seeing the Real, deepening the trust, in letting go and relaxing. Thank you a hundred times over and then some more dear Julie for sharing these rays of pure light. 🙂

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      1. Do we go deeper and deeper by coming back – inside – staying in the “real” as much as we can? I don’t mean closing eyes and meditating alone – but through the day? Sorry am i bugging you. Love you, Julie! 🙂

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