Practice 17 – Thank you for showing up as you do

The purpose of this practice is to penetrate straight through ego thought to see and appreciate all the divine roles all of the actors in this healing drama are playing.

If an actor shows up as a reflection of joy, the actor is calling you to who you are. If an actor shows up as a reflection of pain or conflict, the actor is sending you toward the healing that is available for you now. All, without exception, are playing divine roles, and they always play them perfectly. This is the backdoor written into this drama, when you are ready to leave it. The characters aren’t who you thought they were. They aren’t who they thought they were. Under the personalities and the bodies, they are all divine beings, and they are all very helpful. There are no exceptions because there is only one of you.

One actor can play two different roles at once. For example, let’s say an actor is swearing loudly. One onlooker might find it refreshing, honest and funny. That one is allowing the call to joy. One onlooker might feel offended. That one is receiving an invitation to healing available right now.

Make time for a three-minute meditation during which you will begin to appreciate the role of each actor.

Begin by saying:
Thanks to all beings for showing up as they do

Then allow beings you know (or even beings from history) to approach you in your mind’s eye. They are wearing their costumes of bodies and personalities. One by one, allow them to approach you. Notice if there is an evaluation of each one. If the evaluation is positive, say to that one:
You offer me joy.

If the evaluation is negative, say:
You offer me healing.

If the evaluation is neutral, say:
You offer me peace.

You may say all three things to the same actor. After you speak to each actor, allow the next one in line to approach you, and give them your thanks.

End the meditation by saying:
I thank all beings for showing up as they do. You always show up perfectly, and I do, too.

Whenever you have time today, recognize the perfect job each actor is doing. Without fail, they always offering you joy, healing and peace. If negativity comes up very strongly, it can be hard to affirm that the one who seems to be in the wrong is offering healing, but it truly is a reminder to go in, to remember the presence of your always-loving nonphysical team, and to affirm that you are willing to receive perception correction. You calm the conflict in all minds whenever you do this, so we thank you.

Photo by Solaiman Hossen on Unsplash

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5 thoughts on “Practice 17 – Thank you for showing up as you do

  1. Thank you! this is beautiful – just doing the exercise in my mind, i realized so much joy and so much healing is being offered! Thank you – look forward to applying it as life comes by from this moment on! Love, love, love and hugs of gratitude, dear Julie and to your secret magical friends. 💕

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