Look at resistance to find the Flow

Effortlessness. Flow. The flow feels wonderful. The flow promotes the highest good and supports all of your divine siblings.

Then, in seeming contrast to that, there are feelings of resistance. We encourage you to own this resistance as it shows up. Say to yourself, “I chose to resist what I Am in an attempt to be independent from the Harmony that will never leave me.” Acknowledge your choice, and see it only as an attempt, a failed attempt. The choice to leave Harmony can never be successful. You have always been held safe within it.

Every time you acknowledge the choice you made in the awareness that you have not done anything wrong, and there is no punishment waiting for you, you help yourself return to the knowledge of the power you are. When you remember the power you are, you remember the power all others are. When you remember the power everyone is, you begin to see the world accurately.

Seeing the world accurately, you can observe how you set it up for the enactment of the punishment that you think awaits you. Because you think punishment awaits you, you enact it here and then call yourself victim to the world. In the language of your world, being a victim is innocence. If you are a victim to a world seemingly more powerful than what you are, then you don’t deserve punishment. See the twisted logic here? You keep giving over your power toward the cause of seeming to victimize yourself and others. The “life” experience in this world ends in death, a pantomime of the ultimate victimhood.  You don’t have to keep enacting punishment, victimhood and death. Stopping that is inevitable for all of you.

In Reality, in the Real World, which is not the world you experience now, victimhood is not present because it is not believable. All the world’s a stage. In this world, it is a stage for the enactment of victimhood in a twisted search for innocence. You need not search for what you Are and always have been.

Let’s go now to a feeling of resistance in any form at all. Just contemplate it for a moment. Let’s say there is a person you think you need to resist. You may think you are resisting others, but you are actually resisting the Flow. When next you feel the temptation to think a series of thoughts in resistance to another, when next you feel the temptation to enact resistance and pushing (and you know it by how it feels), stop right away and acknowledge that you notice that you are resisting the Flow that would give you effortlessness. In this situation with that other, you are experiencing right now an opportunity to set down temptation and to access Flow. What would the Flow have you do in this situation? Just become accustomed to asking the question.

This is all about hearing ego’s stage directions and then just taking a moment to ask for stage directions from True Identity instead. Eventually, you will ask for these stage directions all of the time because you know they bring happiness for all. This is practice that becomes habit because of the positive results you experience.

Don’t we need to resist others? Don’t we need to stop people? These are questions from ego. It seems that we must resist aspects of this world, but this world is a hiding place made by the self. It’s a hiding place based on fear and resistance, and it encourages more resistance.

Instead of turning to resistance or manipulation, there is a much more efficient way of communicating with your fellows. Look to your mind-to-mind communication. Look to what you are sharing with them about their identities, about possibilities. Do you know the Beauty, Strength, Grace and Power they truly are? Can you look right through their personas and actions to see how those very personas and actions reflect your own resistance back to you, giving you a chance to undo it by accepting healing every time you experience it?

You are always inviting other minds further into the insanity of ego, or out of insanity and inward toward the Light they are. If you can see them truly in appreciation of their perfect divine roles, whether they are showing up as joy reflections or resistance reflections, you can thank them for how they assist you. When you thank and appreciate them, they are invited deeper into the awareness of their perfect safety, of the Love that always surrounds them, of the assistance always available to them.

When you see all of your divine siblings truly, without exception, and you appreciate what they are doing for all of you, more and more you experience each other as joy reflections. As you recognize all of the gifts your divine siblings give you, all of the gifts always available to assist them, you become more and more willing to follow the flow of guidance, healing and miracles. Miracles come to the world to show you that something you made cannot have a power greater than the beings who made it. You are the Power, and as you perform miracles and share this ability with others, this is clear.

Miracles occur first as perception shifts, and then as perception shifts allowed expression in the world. As you realize that the seemingly separate facets of the world have no power over what you and all others Are, you see how very flexible what you are experiencing is. As you see that, you will allow through great changes in what you are experiencing together.

The more you appreciate the happiness perception shift reveals to you, the more willing you are to follow guidance (the stage directions of your True Self vs. the stage directions of a false self  invented in fear) in every moment. When you want to be led by guidance during every moment of your day, you’re going to walk into pockets of resistance that show you where you have been referring to the false identity to guide you.  Celebrate that right now, as you run into this pocket of resistance, you’re being given an opportunity to allow it to dissolve. Resistance exposed to the light dissolves into the Flow that is always there for you.

We invite you into the flow today as the innocent, powerful being you always have been. From this vantage point, you can see that the same is true of your fellows, and in that relief, there is great joy. It is a joy that can be shared instantly mind-to-mind, and we rejoice as you discover your ability to share it.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

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