Practice 27 – There are many paths to eternal celebration

We want you to know that the pathway to that which you seem to seek is always available to you now, and we encourage you to make no mistake about this pathway. There is no waiting. You’re always at the front of the line for healing. You don’t have to wait until you find a perfect pathway. You don’t have to wait until you become worthy enough. There is no reason for delay when it comes to accepting healing. All are worthy of fully healed perception, and healed perception is always available to all of you right now. Know this of your fellows, and you see their strength. See their strength, and you can experience your own.

You are eternal, and the pathway to that life everlasting is right through whatever you are experiencing now. If you are experiencing joy, the openness of that pathway is clear and palpable. You are abiding in the resonance of what you are. As you learn that the joy you are is unconditional, you can experience it at all times without interruption by concept.

As you seem to face the darkness, however, know that this joy is equally available to you. It seems as if you are being asked to slay a dragon, but we only ask that you allow the dragon to disappear. When you face the darkness, it is a perception that you share with your fellows. As you allow the darkness that never was to be cleared from your sight, you share corrected vision with your fellows.

There is an old model to release now. The model is enlightened master sharing with pupils through speech and presence. It is time for that model to pass gracefully. You are all connected mind-to-mind, and as you realize the immediate power of that resonance, you experience it. This is what we invite you to today.

Begin a three-minute mediation with:
There are many paths to eternal celebration

As you sink into the resonance of this, we invite you to see each experience in front of you as a doorway. The door opens directly into shared love and light. All experiences lead directly to shared love and light when they are experienced with the conscious intention of accepting correction perception.

If anything arises to disturb your peace, see it as a doorway that opens into light and love. No appearance can fool you now. Remind yourself:
There are many paths to eternal celebration

As you finish, step into your day with the intention to remember:
There are many paths to eternal celebration

If you feel tempted to judge your path or anyone else’s path today, simply remember that this healing drama is configured perfectly for all:
There are many paths to eternal celebration

For further reading, see Sharing is automatic

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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