Sharing is automatic

We give you the gift of yourself. When we communicate to you and through you, we bring you into the awareness of the beauty, strength, grace, love, power, truth, innocence, eternality and truth of you. We don’t actually speak. You come into communion with us. You feel the light we are, the light we share. You receive what is appropriate in order to share that light with others. Those others are your saviors.

As you share the light we share with you (and this is true for everyone), it is reflected back to you, mind-to-mind. There is a resonance, and when that resonance is shared it takes over. What is true washes away what is false.

Also, when that light comes, if there is resistance to it, it is also felt like a wave moving through minds. If you are still attached to separation perception in any way, this wave will feel like a disturbance, but it is a call to healing. It is a highlighting of the egoic structure that remains, that you still use like a foundation, and it is a reminder that healing is always available right now. Whatever is revealed by these waves of disturbance you share mind-to-mind, the optimal time to release it is right now.

It is always a service, no matter how it manifests. This is true of all your interactions with all of your fellow beings. This is why they are always your saviors. They either reflect the joy you are back to you, washing away false self-concepts, or they reveal the distortion to which you cling, reminding you to release the distortion to us right now.

When you come into the quiet, sweetness of what we are, you share that gift, always and automatically. If you delight in anything at all, you share that delight with all. You serve all by staying in a state of delight. You serve all by realizing exactly where you are disturbed and accepting the healing that is always there for you. When you seem stuck in a disturbed spot, you even serve all then. One of your divine siblings will feel that stuckness, too, find the conduit to healing that is always present, and act as the release valve for the collective. As that one lights up with healing, that healing is shared–immediately, mind-to-mind.

You may receive prompts to share the love you are in a way that seems outward, and here we talk of creative expression or even simple friendliness and helpfulness. That is a way to keep the joy reverberating, a lovely way of abiding in what you are while you still experience time, while you still experience a need to sustain and remember. You receive and follow these promptings to share the joy that you are, and that is a very beautiful gift, both for the one who expresses and for the ones who receive that expression.

We really want to draw your attention, though, to how all things are also shared immediately, mind-to-mind. This is a very powerful force that you and your fellow characters seem to be largely unaware of .  We say “seem to be” because your roles can change very quickly. If we say that you definitely are not aware of something like your mind-to-mind connection, we give you a hurdle in seemingly achieving an awareness of it. There is no hurdle, however, and we don’t want to give you the impression that there is. There is no arduous climb or struggle you have to enact. We simply invite you to come into the awareness that we are, the awareness that you are, the awareness you have always shared with all others.

As you receive and share gifts mind-to-mind, you also share them in the world through the roles you are enacting. As you share the awareness of who everyone is, you receive it more fully into yourself. The resonance gets stronger. As the resonance gets stronger, it takes over. What you actually are takes over. What you never have been swirls down the drain. As you receive the gift of Self-awareness more fully, you can see very clearly who all others are, and who they never have been. It becomes very obvious to you. As you look at them in the light of their being, who they never have been swirls down the drain, and they feel the relief and ease of it.

As you receive fully the gift of the truth of what you are, you share that gift with everyone. You can’t help but share it because all minds are connected. You shine that out into your world, and what you see and experience changes because you have stopped projecting an overlay of separation perception on what has always been here for you–peace and harmony. You start to live in this peace-and-harmony world because it doesn’t even occur to you to project an overlay of conflict and strife upon it.

When we look at all of you, regardless of the role you’re currently playing in this healing drama, we see the beautiful light show of your healing interaction. We are not so much interested in table and and chair–in the individual concepts of separation–but we are happy to pick up the concepts you give us (and thank you for sharing them) to use on your behalf. So you give us a distortion, and we give you back the components of what you used to see everything as separate and in conflict in a way that shares the resonance of us, the resonance of the light and love everyone is and always has been.

Thank you for receiving today. Thank you for sharing mind-to-mind, a sharing that requires no thanks because it is automatic, but it is still our joy to thank because we are gratitude itself, and so are you. We abide in eternal celebration, and we call you to that celebration–not because you have finally become worthy, but because you are finally willing to notice that you and all others always have been so worthy, and so cherished.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 27 – There are many paths to eternal celebration

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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